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(Click Below): The Cure for Anorexia Nervosa


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The treatment for all diseases funding project is designed for everyone involved to not only help, but get help, receive incentives for your pledge contribution, and prepare this world for a spiritual revolution separating the innocent from those that have injured the human race.

The funding project is aimed for all people who have searched endlessly for solutions to the perplexing issues regarding health.  If people become aware of their power to heal, then a health revolution will result because you will become a contributing and powerful influence.


The Goal

The study project functions to achieve some important things


groupbackground THE TREATMENT FOR ALL DISEASES1. The study helps to validate the efficacy of the warm water re-birthing therapy for healing sicknesses.

2. Placing this with the public on kickstarter.com promotes this great ideas launching website as a place where similar projects by you are launched in the effort to bring solutions to people all over the world.

3.  If nothing else, the documentary video describing what the treatment therapy is and how it works is complete and available for public consumption without this project matching the funding goal and going nowhere.  The solution is available for you to recover from whatever it is that ails you despite a realized documentary.

4.  The treatment is in your hands via www.veritascures.com in the form of free articles with the instructions as complete as can be without any cost to you.

5.  Using this project template as an example, you can place your ‘earthwhile’ projects into motion similarly.

6.  An updated explanation of what I feel is the appropriate way to use the funds generated from pledges will always be available.  This project is considered an ‘organic’ evolution of an idea.


Pledge amounts

$10.00  You’ll receive a DVD with shipping within the US included.

$25.00  You’ll receive a DVD and a booklet about the study and the therapy.  Shipping charges may apply depending upon other incentives I’d like to add.


How the kickstarter funds will be used

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I estimate that much more money will be pledged and can very well exceed $20,000.00.  I plan to either reimburse all those that pledged after the bills have been paid and all said and done for the project, or continue with more kickstarter projects using that money and adding to the initial incentives you originally pledged to.  I think that when I create a new project, that I would make it free without the need for further pledges (one penny, perhaps, to make it qualify as a project) and use the existing funds to satisfy the cost of publishing, rental fees, and so forth.  I just don’t know yet, but be assured that I have no interest in self service and revenue generation.. this is for you, your friends, family and loved ones, and especially for the world.

(click above) This article is based on the warm water re-birthing therapy explaining how it is effective for treating and deprogramming the mind affected by subtle to severe mind control.

There is a $2,000.00 pledge cap over a one year span for the project to complete.  Kickstarter recommends that a 30-60 day time frame is adequate and essential for projects to succeed.  This project is already a success, however, unfunded as of yet.  I hope that once the pledge amount is matched at a reasonable $10.00 dollars minimum from each interested person or party, that it would take only 200 people in a short amount of time to meet this ‘start up’ goal.  That money, once kickstarter takes their 5% and the 3-5% amazon.com finance charges are factored in amounting to about $200.00 (10% on the $2,000.00) in which $1,800.00 is left over.

The Cure For Anorexia Nervosa is an article which explains how extreme eating disorders is effectively treated using the therapy.  The knowledge of this ‘cure’ before it was realized as a method to initiate the cure for all diseases began with the answer to treating the condition – Anorexia nervosa.

$1,800.00 would be applied to immediately send out an initial DVD that covers shipping charges. This DVD will incorporate elements of the video you see uplinked to kickstarter for this project and “The Curative Treatment For All Diseases” which includes the youtube embedded there.

I will post an ongoing and updated graphical chart that shows what the money is doing, where it’s going, and how it is supporting you, the project, and launching projects that will be a result of this project.  I sense that this is bigger than I had imagined!

I capped the pledge amount

Front cover thumb

to be met at $2,000.00 for another reason.  This is the amount that is needed to cover the costs needed to rent space and some equipment, other services related to conducting research and keeping records, etc.  If more funds are needed, I believe there will be a continuous stream of pledge money to insure the completion of this study.

If funds are not matched, I will succeed with this project no matter what.  I have that faith!

If you would like to help with ideas, suggestions, even support if you’re local to Tucson and Phoenix, Arizona, I’d sure like to hear from you.  The video I created has my contact information for people you meet that may be interested and I’m re-posting it at the end of this page.

(Above) The above book will be published as soon as the one year study returns results of the therapy.  You will receive this book under a subsequent project where your pledge will be used in exchange with this as an additional incentive.  With this book and its accompanying DVD containing a pdf and the documentary, a ‘kit’ if you will, you will be able to help others in need of a life change and direction to get well and healthy!

This page will be updated continually when people do come forth and their ideas expressed.  Please bookmark this page to keep up with the information..


Lee Bracker 520-288-2565 lnbracker@hushmail.com 


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