The Harmonic Relationship

In terms of frequency relationships between objects of similarity, the particular astrological sign, or month, correlates harmonically with each cell salt respective of the zodiac sign. The 13th salt, if recognized as such, would represent our sun.

Dr. Sheldon Deal NDC concludes a correlation with vibrational frequencies in terms of harmonics separated by many octaves, that resonate in the recipient in the same way. Sound frequencies are separated by as many as 40 octaves from the visible light spectrum of color. For example, the key of C shares the same harmonic resonance to the color red/orange (635nm). Gem stones, organs and tissues have been widely known for this interconnected resonant correlation, but Dr. Deal observed with fresh insight the mathematical relationships involving bio-harmonic synchronicity frequencies.

Dr. Deal’s observation links cell salts to the months of the year. He notes that while the human being gestates within the womb, the evolving life passes through nine separate frequencies according to astrological zones in thirty day periods with the exception of the three remaining which complete the twelve month cycle. Therefore, the newborn may be deficient in three subsequent cell salts that share the same harmonics as each respective zodiac zones that succeed the birth month. His recommendation when a mineral deficiency is detected, and usually it is with the months that the baby did not pass through, is to supplement its diet with these remaining salts for up to one year after birth.3

The exception would be the 13th cell salt which represents the sun – gold – because our sun is a year round radiant energy. The newborn by default receives nine months of radiant frequencies. As long as we are in the presence of the sun, the harmonic frequency of gold would be logically satisfied, however, because we have become deficient in organic cellular available gold, and the fact that we’ve been conditioned to avoid the sun’s vibratorial full spectrum radiation, we are lacking sufficient levels of the frequency. Hence, a pregnant mother who avoids direct sunlight may be the source of the deficiency. Undoubtedly, overuse of ultra violet sunscreens, working near fluorescent lights for long periods (years/decades), living largely indoors, and thoroughly dissolving the skin’s natural production of oil (of which the hormone oil soluble vitamin D2 is anticipating stimulation into D3) by using soap removes the vitamin that would normally absorb through the skin. An example of resonance suppression is the common thread practice among urbanites.

Dr. Sheldon Deal NDC is a naturopathic doctor practicing in the US with over forty years of practical application of the natural healing modalities. He distinctly concluded an observation that correlates vibrational frequencies,

The second observation is realized also using simple mathematics. The work of biophysicist Dr. Fritz A. Popp, in collaboration with several universities and the International Institute of Biophysics at Kaiserslautern and Neuss in the mid-70’s investigating the physics of Biophotons,10 also measured the electrical potential in volts around the heart. This measurement of 635nm happens to match that of the mineral, gold. If the heart meridian is potentiated by ormus gold or the chloride salt, then it would make sense that people not only recovered with the aversion to addictive activities but also felt complete with the closeness one feels when universally “connected.”


1. New Life Through Nutrition, by Sheldon C. Deal, ND, New Life Publishing, Tucson, AZ.,1974. pp. 148-155


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