J.D. Rockefeller built a “China Wall” to block the gold cure for the 21st Century

To tell this story, the history of how John D. Rockefeller distorted and changed people’s views on natural healing must be revealed with regard to the setting up of Alcoholics Anonymous.  The founder, Bill Wilson and those who followed were subtly tricked into the belief that their organization would be successful when in actuality it was designed to keep the original cure from resurfacing into the 21st Century after the Prohibition Era.  The Rockefellers effectively convinced Wilson that the Keeley Gold Cure was ineffective when in truth, it had a 95% success rate.  One can see now how naive Wilson was.  Later, Bill Wilson was ousted from AA because he dabbled in vitamin therapy as well as LSD when it was being studied to help people in recovery.  The Rockefellers helped to set up the mind set that would eventually keep Wilson from ever realizing the truth.

Cell salts, also known as biochemic tissue salts, are well established in the natural healing modalities as minerals comprised of twelve basic elements. The list includes magnesium, calcium, phosphorus, potassium, sulfur, iron, silicon, and chlorine oxidized in the form of mineral salts.  The one not mentioned may happen to be gold. Gold is the element that warrants introspection as to its merit as a key role player for both mental and biochemical physical health.

Because the mineral gold is the ‘hidden’ essential trace biochemical tissue salt that if officially included with the Schüssler tissue salt and recognized as the 13th.  It was the one that arrested the craving for drugs, alcohol, compulsive behavior and tobacco smoking, etc.

Today, with the advances found in the area of emotional freedom technique practices, the flagship of all EFT’s is now being studied after it’s surfacing into the United States in 2011.  The pre-treatment for all psychological diseases is simple to do and it only involves a pool of water and a helper.. two people and a pool.

Follow the story here: How the Rockefellers blocked the gold cure for addiction




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