Card Corner reinvites humanity’s ancient heritage


Sativa marqueeSativa Sultan has over 15 years experience exclusively reading cards for people of all walks of life.  Considered the most influential, Sativa’s readings numbering in the several thousands has given people positive direction in their relationships, career paths, and new ideas about themselves enhancing their journey through life.

Sativa differs from other card readers in that she focuses on past, present and future destiny chart references with relationships to loved ones and people of personal interests.

Especially for your reading, Sativa actually provides insight readings to the birth dates you desire to know regarding your relationship with them.  Family and relatives, friends and business concerns are Sativa’s forté and the  most special is your relationship to the Royal families and entertainment personalities.


Your Consultation with Sativa will remain with you throughout your life


Arrange a meeting with Sativa  Lnbracker@hushmail.com


Single reading plus up to 6 additional birthdays relating to your card.


Other Consultations:


Single reading with one additional reading.  $25.00 each additional up to 3 relating to your card.  $10.00 additional for an audio recording of your session.


One year reading including family reads relating to your card.  Included is a seven 52 day for one 364 day spread.  10 call limitation.


Premium offer:


Five year unlimited service.


Note:  Services are non-refundable.  Package offers are negotiable after payments are cleared.  A 72 hour rescind is optional if dissatisfied with Sativa’s service.  An alternative is to transfer to another party is desired.  You may decide it was not for you, but ideal as a gift to someone special in your life.  If people you’d like have readings for are available in person at the time of the reading, they may share in the conversation.  Three-way or group calls are not acceptable except for Premium service.  “Unlimited” must not be confused with daily calls for five years lol:)  You may consciously seek advice with Sativa through email or a monthly call for advice with special days in your concerns throughout the period of time with respect to time constraints as Sativa builds her reputation and work load.  She loves you, so you will not be overlooked!

Paypal:  LNBRACKER@HUSHMAIL.COM (Credit Card system available middle of 2015)

For additional inquiries or to arrange an appointment, send a Skype request to realnuz for setting up a recorded consultation with Sativa.


A rare Card Corner reading “The Diamond Clan of Mirrors”

Sativa Sultan is altruistic with her craft and now offering it publicly for the first time.  This is your opportunity to experience all that our ancestors lived by naturally.  Sativa helps to restore our heritage that once belonged to humanity.  Sativa is broad in scope with the ability to satisfy your need to know yourself and your place in our world among others.


Kimberly’s reading


Lee and Celina’s reading







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