Clear parasites with pineapple juice, pumpkin seeds and water

MMS, or the Miracle Mineral Supplement, is thought to be the best chemical reaction solution to the problem of parasite or microorganism infections, but there are other methods that are helpful on their own or in combination with using  Chlorine dioxide.  Magnet therapy, frequency bombardment, and now there is a food fasting approach that is ninety nine percent effective according to Dr. Sheldon Deal, DC ND.

The method explained by Dr. Deal is by consuming spring water, natural unprocessed pineapple juice, and pumpkin seeds to the hearts content for three days.  The stipulation is that nothing else be ingested which includes medications, the use of lipstick or lip balms, vitamins, supplements… “nothing should pass the lips but these three items…” (Sept 13, 2016)


Medical advisory:  Particularly important for people who are on prescription medications such as psychotropics, SSRIs and so forth that cannot be suspended for 72 hours for the reason the body no longer produces and supplies the neurotransmitting compounds dopamine and serotonin as examples, it is important to either consult with the medical practitioner responsible for their care or not attempt to food fast at all.


Below:  This is a picture I took of my left hand.  I am among those who have difficulty forming this finger position.  Although it doesn’t appear to be accurate, it in fact is quite adequate for the reason, it is the circuit that is achieved when the thumb and pinky connect over the three middle fingers. 

The Miracle Mineral Supplement

The discovery of the formula for human consumption using activated chlorine dioxide has advanced to the position in which people infected with vaccination induced mind paralysis parasites and live viral adjuvants in cleansing the body with full recoveries from Autism, the latest food approach lends a more thorough action against parasite infestation of the blood and body constitution.

Kinesiological hand positioning


There are several hundreds if not thousands of finger and hand positions for kinesiologists to use for determining what the body asks for.  For checking parasites, the subject using a single hand bring the three fingers between the thumb and little finger closed in on the palm and then touch the little finger and thumb together.  The practitioner then tests for parasites with a muscle strength and resistance test.




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