There is a cure for Hillary’s condition

In natural healing and among the elite of the healers, there is treatment for each and every ailment, disease, condition, and so on in which the medical establishment vehemently opposes.  They do this with imprisonment or impose illegal deaths to anyone living in the United States.  And, they’ll hunt healers down in other countries.  In Hillary’s case, there is a 100 percent solution for Vascular Dementia and the peripheral conditions that exist with the primary diagnosis.  Unfortunately for those suffering from this disease,  Myself nor anyone who knows the therapeutic protocol won’t be asked what it is and a country will watch as this woman suffers at the hand of medical madness and a probable business man waltz in to completely sell off this land.

In light of the many peculiar deaths to naturopathic healers that total as many as the “dead scientists”, it is not a mystery as to they why of their demise.  I, however, am protected for the reason, I will not present the treatment unless asked by the patient herself.  The choice is, expose the criminal and insane medical establishment, or be a sacrifice to their status quo.  Choice is theirs.


I won’t volunteer the treatment

If I’m abducted, however, and remediation occurs behind secret doors for the treatment protocol, she’ll live because I have no desire to allow anyone’s death regardless of their insanity.  What she has in mind for the people of the world is quite gruesome, but I’ll give it gladly with the hope their ways change toward the light.  I will ask first that if I share the treatment, that Hillary kindly remove herself from the ballot taking with her Donald Trump as well.

The Clinton’s agenda is to continue the demise of our constitution with final disarmament using Gabrielle Giffords as her spokesperson once elected if she is elected.  The unofficial reinstatement of a former president who will vicariously lead this country simply because of a marriage take place, and both moving back into the house they occupied once before.  That would be a total of 16 years of rule.  Their mission this time includes mining the rest of this country’s last mineral rich resources with Frank Giustra, the Canadian globalist, out of the Grand Canyon and elsewhere national parks exist.  A complete sell off, but still, I wouldn’t want her to die at the hands of medical ignorance due to a recoverable disorder of the body that if not addressed, is lethal.


Bargains don’t work, but I’ll give it a try

Therefore, I’m offering a gentlemens choice.  That choice is, voluntarily and with dignity, drop from the race and take Mr. Trump with and I’ll gladly tell what it is.  I would even tell what it is if no bargain is agreed.  I’d like to try though.  If I said it any other way, they’d take that as a threat I’m certain.  This is the story of the Thieves Oil of the Black Plague era.  Thieves were given life over capital punishment for an exchange as to how the criminals survived certain death.  The answer and their lives spared… an essential oil formula blend applied at the entry ways into the human body.  The oils kill airborne microorganisms.  With Vascular Dementia, it’s a different approach for a very different condition, but just as simple, safe and effective.



I’d like this to go viral.  Perhaps it’s the only way to prevent the insidiousness of this particular election in which the right people should have a chance to lead this country instead of the sick and dying, the lying and cheaters, and the cowards and inept.





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