Topical Brandy treatment for tummyitis

Stomach-Ache-and-Cramps and brandy

Using the method of setting Brandy to the naval is a folk remedy that works provided real Brandy alcohol, not rubbing alcohol is used.  The method helps to relax the entire body putting pain into submission.   This method is very effective for flu symptoms, colds or sore muscles which includes the condition of menstrual cramping and is an alternative to using over the counter medications.


Ethanol vs Isopropyl or Methanol alcohol

Easy for innies and a challenge for outies, the Brandy treatment for tummy problems are compromised due to the problem with articles circulating the Internet are that unless one traces back to the source article, the use of any alcohol presents a problem.  Without due diligence in research, one may assume isopropyl, or wood alcohol, would work as effectively as consumable ethanol for the reason, medicine is usually associated with rubbing alcohol.  This assumption has epic repercussions with natural healing misuse and mistakes and helps the medical industry stake claim that the treatment is useless.  The use of ethanol, but particularly Brandywine, or Brandy is key to the merits of the ancient healing methods.  The source article identifies the ethanol alcohol as BRANDY, and the purpose of this article is to explain why it works. 

Unlike ethanol or methanol, isopropyl alcohol is not miscible with salt solutions and can be separated from aqueous solutions by adding a salt such as sodium chloride. The process often called salting out, concentrates isopropyl to separate into a distinct layer.  Therefore, there’s no diluting it with salt.  Drinkable ethanol does not separate from salt.

Rubbing alcohol is not meant to be used for health benefits other than kill bacteria for bio sterilization purposes. In the article that describes Brandy as being the alcohol to be used, a type of digestible alcohol called ethanol, salt is recommended in addition to avoid travel sickness that is accompanied by vomiting, as well as to ease the pain in the stomach by soaking a cotton brandy compareball in brandy.  A sprinkle of sodium chloride salt and nestle the brandy soaked cotton ball it within the navel pocket.  To keep it there, my recommendation is to dab some tree sap on the finger tip and paint a circle around the belly button then place a gauze or plastic wrap covering.. perhaps using honey out of convenience.  A non-toxic Band-Aid is terribly convenient.  Duct tape is not recommended as suggested by some of the articles for the reason, not only is the adhesive aspect of the tape a chemical that can be drawn into the tissue via the alcohol as the vehicle, but it hurts if you have a hairy belly when ripping it off… lol!  Honey is good for you and so too is the sap from a tree.  That’s what DMSO is made from and completely medicinal.  If you want, try adding a few drops of dimethylsulfoxide or DMSO to the Brandy.  This will assist in drawing the alcohol deep into the tissue under the skin.


Wine is medicine so long as it’s made from seeded grapes

In particular wine made from red skinned grapes has always been known to heal ailments.  The reason for this is that the alcohol that ferments from the action of yeast feedingteacup pom cotton ball on sugar, and the fact the juice of the grape is mixed with the seeds before being strained, the alcohol eliminated by the yeast extracts the compound B-17, or one of the nitrilocides similar to Amygdalin from the Apricot Kernel known to reverse cancer, remains in the wine and consumed as a medicine.  Healing compounds are extracted from roots, leaves, stems and the bark from trees, flowers, and so forth the same way.  Grape Seed extract happen to cure cancer.  Just look it up!  And consider why the seeds had been bred out of our commercial grapes for the wine industry as well.  The development and sustainability of the cancer industry is the answer.


Brandy is made with grape seed extract – the Cancer cure!

I ask wine connoisseur what the best wine in the world is.  I get thirty minute explanations which all differ and to me all wrong answers.  “The best wine in the world is wine made from seeded grapes”.  There is a reason the seed has been bred out of commercial grapes for wine making.  It has less to do with making the product sweater or better tasting than it does protecting the cancer industry.

Thus, there you go.  Brandy is a highly concentrated version of wine with many more times the medicinal compound from the skin and the seed of the vine fruit.  The healing aspect for the tummy, therefore, is fundamentally attributed to the grape!  Ask your liqueur expert which brand of brandy is made from heirloom seeded grapes.

Brandy comes from Brandywine and referred to as “burned wine”. It is distilled and traditionally contains 35–60% alcohol by volume.



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