Energy healing after surgery

Lee, Do you know how To fix someone’s energy after surgery?

Lisa, I believe I do!



We understand that the mind and the body are separate in the area of kinesiology muscle testing.. in other words, we can be deceived or fib, but the body always tells the truth.  This leads me to the fact that because a kinesiologist can remove pain trauma memories by having the subject touch a injured area of the body, like an old knee, bone or Rotator Cuff separation or fracture, and the head subluxated to complete the injury event not always completed when the person had been knocked out, it is then that a trauma memory is removed from the site of the injury and a complete healing can take place.


Why after successful surgery do most people say they never feel perfect?

Folks that feel they never healed can once the trauma memory is removed, and positive sentiments recorded at the injury by tapping the skeletal system.. EFT.  Reset, the mind is connected without the barrier.  During surgery, a shock trauma occurs with invasive cutting, drilling, additional breaking or pins and metal parts fixed and all that happens during surgery, the body is is anesthetized and cannot subluxate the head as when an accident happens and the victim is moving the head up and down.  That completes the injury event and healing then begins.  When asleep due to being put to sleep as in surgery and down for the count as in a boxing punch or football and auto accident, the subject had not completed the injury actions.  My best example that 7 billion people have experienced… is hammering the thumb when missing the head of the nail.  We drop the hammer, grab onto the thumb and proceed to swear up and down and all over the house nodding our heads up and down.  That’s holding the injury and subluxating, or nodding the neck up and down as if saying yes, where the chin almost reaches the clavicle.  A recovery occurs, but a half recovery if the swearing and nodding is not a part of the event.  Sounds ridiculous, but that’s the case.


The paralyzed body never completes the injury process

Polar-bear-rolling-on-its-back-holding-its-headThis means that after surgery, the first thing to do is lie the person on a bed or floor, have them place a hand or both hands if possible on the area of the incision, and someone raise the back of the head up and down 12 times.  The pain trauma memory is taken away.  That’s it:)

The energy healing also means removing what blocks energy from collecting.  By bringing the hands together in prayer is really creating an circuit through the arms, chest/heart and back to the palms of the hands where etheric fields of power are harnessed, and placed at the Chakra/Meridians you wish to potentiate.  Opening Chakras helps post surgical procedures.  Making sure the solar plexis chakra is open helps with angry people.. that’s where they build resentment and some surgeries are a result of all that crap stored there… release it, and energy healing is often solved that way.  I like to massage both my ears.  I roll them flappers around with my fingers giving my whole body a simulated massage.  I call it “Auricular Massage Therapy”… it invigorates the body when the person is lying there recovering.


The scar!  What about that?

dmso tepezWhat ever people do to speed up injuries such as surgery to repair a bone with herbs like Comfrey tea is ideal for speeding up the process.  Deep tissue invasion is helped by taking Niacinamide which helps blood flow under the skin whereas Nicotinic Acid (Niacin or Vitamin B3.. same thing) is for skin health.  Among a myriad of other health benefits.

You can use Tepezcohuite ointment or powdered bark to heal the incision.  You Sprinkle ascorbic acid onto or into the wound, spread some ointment liberally, and even use DMSO, or dimethylsulfoxide, to draw that deep into the tissue.  Mustard root really helps, but the Tepezcohuite is really all one needs.  Tocopherol mixed in too.


Physical limitations

Subluxation factoid

Before assisting a person who desires an interest with this harmless therapy, if there is a history of neck injury due to whiplash, vertebrae fusion, spinal cord injury, or any instance in which subluxation should be avoided, the practitioner assisting the patient or subject may effectively subluxate his or her own head for the person on the table.  This practice is common in kinesiology, called sympathetic transference (surrogate assistance), so long as the there is a physical conduit connection between the two people.  Therefore, while the patient is touching the injury, the practitioner can place the hand on the head or scalp, or even both place a hand on the scalp and the old injury and perform the movement.  This is especially important when the injury site happens to be the neck.  Medical Notice




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