UofVC Health Class HBP101

HBPfor dummies bannar

Natural high blood pressure treatment articles and books, videos and seminars, are the most sought after information sources for people researching their way around medical madness.  Volumes of material on High Blood Pressure alone can fill a library.  “1001 ways to naturally relieve HBP!” internet posts abound.  The sad fact is that none that I have come across hit the mark.  In fact, there is absolutely nothing available on the internet or on bookstore shelves contain in one place a true solution for high blood pressure issues.  There is only one way to do it.  Educate yourself as to exactly why the heart gets pissed off!


Lesson one:  Learn why the heart pressurizes the circulatory system

Your first lesson begins here.

This is why viewing any of the classic cookie cutter pages has no meaning unless one understands water and salt.   Try it yourself now and see by clicking any number of pages on the subject “Natural treatments for High Blood Pressure” to see that the very top echelon people you may know come close to helping with their generalized suggestions.   Mayo ClinicThey all say the same thing and yet very little to nothing we don’t already know.  Having learned our first lesson, we are now experts way beyond Dr. Oz , Weil, and Phil.

Having learned of the fundamentals as described by the wonderful healer, Barbara O’Neil, one would form an open mind regarding the importance of food and a new openness towards general health.  Honestly, my personal relationship with food with its introspective study of it had become much more apparent and sensible – logic will abound you as it did me once I had learned these fundamental concepts.

Lesson two:  Laying on of Hands energy regulation of blood

Hanna Kroeger was a well known healer using Laying on of Hands healing.  In the next video, you’ll learn how to thin the blood simply by using your hands.


It is important to understand that while using the natural approach to thinning the blood using Niacin flushing or pharmaceuticals, first things first practices without any assistance sets the stage for the others to be effective, or even used at all.  Niacin, or nicotinic acid (natural vitamin B3), is therapeutic in causing the capillaries to regain their resiliency and malleable for people suffering from hardening blood vessels.  Water therapy should always be considered which is why learning about water comes as our first lesson.

Reversing the position in which the healer is on the right side of the subjects body, helps to thicken the blood.

Extra curricular activity I

Peppers contain caspacian which dilates the entire circulatory system conduits by which blood flows more freely. Hot peppers, therefore, are ideal for reducing blood pressure due to constricted veins, arteries, capillaries, and also aid in keeping the vessels lucid and pliable if used regularly. The reason is that constant dilation stretches the otherwise hardening vessels. It keeps them ‘limber’ and malleable. The vitamin that addresses this also happens to be vitamin B3. Niacin is this vitamin. Niacin is nicotinic acid. Nicotinic acid dilates the outer, or flesh tissue blood vessels which is why you ‘flush’ when the right dosage of Vitamin b3 is taken. This lowers blood pressure and would also be useful when someone is experiencing an attack. Visit this article for more information


Extra curricular activity II


Extra curricular activity III



You never paid tuition at veritascures, therefore, no diploma.  I’m sorry, you never graduate veritascures with a degree or wall plaque anyway.  If I don’t have one, neither should you.






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