Discussing remedies for Brown Recluse spider bites

Digital communication comes in handy as well as instantaneously when I’m learning about treatments, therapies and cures.   In one conversation with Vicky LeBaron about South American treatments for the notorious Brown Recluse spider bite, I Skyped Greg Caton of Alpha Omega Labs in Ecuador if he knew of a treatment that works.  He of course did, but said that it wasn’t a treatment, it was the cure!

Vicky LeBaron.


We’ve used Nopal leaf to heal Brown Recluse bites, just scrape the gel from a fresh leaf into a piece of gauze, and change several times a day. You’ll see the tender skin growing into the ulcerated area as a white film that encircles the ulcer, and eventually closes in. Now that you’ve explained that it has gold in it, combined with the sterile moisture, it makes sense why it healed so well.

Lee Bracker

Hey now.. I’m going to make a veritas article on that. is that alright?



Sure! We’ve used it on HUGE ulcers, that the Hospital turned my sister away from because she had no medical insurance, but it “came to her” that this was the thing to heal it with. Her baby girl was bitten the same night she was, but on the foot and between her tiny toes. It was bad. But took only 2 weeks to heal.


Looking that up shows that people use bentonite clay, charcoal and basil… what’s your take on that approach?


nopales-cooked-salt-161326I’ve heard of those and I know family that has tried it too. I’ve used basil and lavender essential oil along with the nopal too. I also have family that uses shock therapy on it, they also use it to neutralize the venom of rattle snake bites. The patients heal in record time, even those that hadn’t been able to get the anti venom.

Oh, before we tried the nopal we used fresh black walnut leaves in a poultice, that’s the traditional remedy in Chihuahua, Mexico. But I think that the nopal worked faster and better. I know a few that took months trying to heal with the charcoal paste and black walnut poultice.


Interesting. essential oils draw out the poison. What happens is that those toxins destroy cells and continue until it no longer has potency. Then it’s the healing process and what’s needed is something that helps to generate cellular repair. I think as I write this that if colostrum is used, and perhaps tepezcohuite, the whole ordeal can shorten to just a few days.


When my Sis was bitten, we were nowhere near black walnut trees. And the other things she tried didn’t work. That’s why it got so bad before she gave in and went to the hospital. When turned away, she got very concerned and it came to her in answer to a petition for help. Tepezcohuite property would help, but I think that keeping it moist is key to scar free healing.


While we’re texting, I Skyped, Greg Caton, of Alpha Omega Labs in Ecuador. He’s a natural healing expert with rain forest herbs. Here’s his reply:

Lee Bracker: Hi.. what’s a treatment for brown recluse bites?
Greg Caton: I know something that isn’t a “treatment” for brown recluse spider bites. It’s an outright cure.
Lee: oh boy… are you able to share?
Greg: Plus it’s very simple : Nitro glycerin patches — the very same drug used by angina sufferers.
Lee: how long does that take? Two, three days?
Greg: It works right away. Be aware that Big Pharma has worked mightily to suppress this remedy. See :  http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/11174233  I learned about this from a Dr. Burton (M.D.) — my personal physician in Lake Charles, Louisiana during the 90’s.  I almost lost his license by giving lectures about it.
Lee: Is glycerin what’s found naturally in nopales and aloe vera?

A controlled trial of topical nitroglycerin in a New Zealand white rabbit model of brown recluse…
Ann Emerg Med. 2001 Feb;37(2):161-5. Research Support, Non-U.S. Gov’t
Greg Caton: You might also add that the brown recluse bite hit close to home when my father-in-law (of my second marriage) was bit, and his hand nearly doubled in size.  My personal physician, Dr. Burton, an esteemed Jewish medical doctor in our community, gave me the complete story during a visit.  He was, at that time, the primary physician at Hunter McGuire Medical Center : http://huntermcguire.com/
Well, I’ll be damned, here’s an article that discusses everything my doctor told me : http://hubpages.com/health/Brown-Recluse-Spider-Bites-A-Cure

Note that the article talks about his practice in San Antonio.  It was AFTER that when he moved to Lake Charles and took up his practice there.


We grew my hubby’s fingertip back after he put it through a table saw. It cut off the tip of his bone, about a 1/8″ above the nail bed. All that was left was the tiniest sliver of flesh along one side of the nail. The Dr recommended that he cut it off, saying it would be in the way the rest of his life, and that he’d never grow a fingernail again. He opted to come home and show me first. With the aid of essential oils and an ointment for burns, his entire fingertip regrew, including the nail! It was skinny at first and sensitive, but slowly filled in from the inside and after 6 months you could barely tell the difference. Never allowing the wound to dry out is key to scar free healing.


Wow! That’s really interesting! The things we don’t know!


I wonder if the gel in aloe and nopal has a similar chemical make up to nitroglycerin. That’s a great connection!  Lucky you know so many people to ask crazy questions to!


He said it’s not.. I didn’t send the rest of what he said. Yup.. it’s how I work. I’ll be talking to someone and research while I’m doing it pretending I’m a know it all yuk yuk… meanwhile, I’ve got all my resources right there and handy. No, Greg just so happened to be at his computer and we got lucky is all.


Well then, I would say that it’s the moisture and colloidal gold/ minerals that work the magic! OK, now I am going to listen to that interview with Jesse and fold laundry! Thanks for sharing your knowledge! I will eventually get through all of it and pass it on to others.<


You’re more than welcome to his contact information. Here’s his website: http://www.herbhealers.com/

Herb Healers / Alpha Omega Labs – Alpha Omega Labs : The World’s Most Extraordinary Alternative…

Alpha Omega Labs : The World’s Most Extraordinary Alternative Health Care Products.


Nice! I will have to get around to checking it out.


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