Eye kinesiology to cure your allergy

Girl suffering from allergies outdoors

Vitamin C, Bromlain, and Quercetin are useful for treating allergies.  Unless the fundamental eye kinesiology therapy is performed, these are merely temporary natural remedies.  Preventing a relapse also depends on after care. source

There is a cure for any allergy regardless of what it is so long you know what it is for this simple therapy.  This article will forgo any explanation for what allergies are and what other remedies are useful for treating them for the reason, they are all entirely based on relief rather than repairing the body’s communication system.

I didn’t say don’t try other methods such as administer allergy related herbs and homeopathics… those are what you do after this kinesiology physical therapeutic treatment which results in the full recovery.


What to do

Have the subject lie down on their back and rest the item that causes them to have an allergic reaction over their stomach.  For example, if one is allergic to their cat, put the cat or its hair – pollen of the plant and so forth over the stomach.  Place an antihistamine on the tongue.  So that I get away with calling this a cure, use a patented synthetic that the drug companies make, but also think about using the natural herb, stinging nettles, first as a trial.  Stinging nettles is a natural antihistamine, has no side effects, and won’t tackle you to the ground like a pharmaceutical can. If it doesn’t work, try the chemical alternative.

poor doggie

Eye movement to the left and upward

dog rubbing eyesWhile the subject has their hand over the thing that causes the reaction and the antihistamine on the tongue and with the eyelids closed, use your hands to gently move the eyeballs to their left and upwards.  Rubbing the eyes is something we all do and doesn’t hurt although it is an unusual feeling when we receive this gentle massage, but it works.  It takes thirty gentle but firm pushes to the upper left for this to work, and then it’s done.  The entire process takes no more than a minute to do.  Things to consider are first removing contact lenses, that the person is not suffering from advanced conditions of glaucoma or recent eye surgery and especially if you had just prepared hot peppers for lunch or worse, making prickly pear juice.  Be conscientious because I’m not ready to sit in a prison cell on account of trying to help humanity lol.

Take a vacation

The subject must now remove the allergen from their proximity for four days.  Why is this?  Now that the body is reset and the trigger is the allergen over the stomach and the antihistamine on the tongue with the movement of the eyes, the body now has to develop it’s own defensive resources for this particular allergy.  If one must take a four day trip or send the pet if that is what it is to a friend’s, unless this is done, the treatment will not work.  After the four days, your allergy will be as if never existed.  Try it and see!


Special thanks to Dr. Sheldon Deal, DC, ND Swan Clinic, Tucson





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