Can EFT tapping be reduced to a single tap?


EFT stands for emotional freedom technique.  In its various forms, most identify it as “Tapping” various areas of the skull, clavicle, and hand.  Until now, it has been unknown why this affirmation technique restores the psyche to a state before one had become neurotic, riddled with fear, or paralyzed to partake in actions that were once routine.  First arrivals to the concept of healing through finger tapping on the cheek bones, chin, eye brows and top of the head, it seems rather silly until it works for them, and they believe it works.  It happened for me which is why I have studied this phenomena to the point I have found the answer as to why and how it works.

Sasha needed help

I introduced her to tapping EFT so that she could find relief from her anxiety.  It worked.  When I instructed her, I mentioned that she had to verbalize her affirmations while tapping on her cheek bones instead of silent repetitions in her mind.  I said that the tonal vibrations are important or else it won’t work.  As I pulled my research regarding something completely different, the part of that reasearch that involved the skeleton caused me to realize there is an answer to why one must cause a percussion against the frame or our body using the fingertips.  As if gently thumping the skin of a drum, one is doing the same thing with the tiny vaults within the bone that makes up its structure, and the cavities including the sinus.  It dawned on me that what is occurring is rerecording of vibrations that are storehoused within these micro and macro spaces in the skull.

Thinking is one thing, doing is another

If you are skeptical and believe that reciting the affirmation more than once is a necessity, by all means do it.  Keep in mind that the sequence is important.  Tap, recite, tap, recite, tap recite… until you are finished.   Performing this technique on a daily basis, or every so often, can reset the signature in which the intent is not included and a malevolent imprint is recorded.

eft childOne can think their way out of fear of the dark, high places, snakes and spiders and so forth, but something doesn’t happen until the common practice of reciting 10-12 times with an voiced mantra that the inconvenient problem is erased.

The technique is commonly performed by repeated light tapping while saying something positive and I think it is for the reason that in twelve attempts, one gets through with the precise sync that the EFT works.  If not, one would try again the following day and day after until it works.  Experts on youtube and those who practice the therapy clinically self medicate for no other reason that it doesn’t work.  EFT only has to take place one time for it to be effective.  The trick to know is exactly what the instructions are.  What actually happens is that a single ‘thump’ just before reciting “I will no longer fear the naturopath”, a disturbance of the prerecorded information that is a memory is temporarily degaussed.  At that moment, a positive affirmation is re-recorded in which the vault, or space that is filled with water (a liquid crystal recordable just like a quartz crystal) takes on the new message.

The greatest healer is one you see only one time for one thing

This means that a subject only has to perform the technique one time.  A single tap and a single message to oneself.  This takes one to two seconds.  If a person is tapping rapidly, the recording that is being made is also in disturbance with perhaps two to three and even four taps before the single sentence is completed.  This makes sense as to why my naturopathic practitioner friend tells his clients to keep it simple and not a story.  Short and sweet, and tap slowly.


While the concept of a single tap is intriguing, perhaps it is the multiple tapping as little as three times that does the prerecorded scramble necessary to implement the new positive message you’re installing.  This is the place the brain collects information to operate its emotional centers that control your actions.  If tapping was the effort to send direct messages to the brain, then there would be a complex map as to where precisely you would tap at each region of the brain thrugh the scalp all over the head region.  Because that isn’t the case, then it must be the mostly the facial bones that are is the warehouse of your trauma memories, or your well being memories are stored.

water therapy imageConsider two concepts.  When a magnetic tape or disk is cleared using strong magnets, the magnets must be removed before the new pattern or recording is expressed onto the archival medium.  The water re-birthing technique which takes no more than twenty seconds to do, but does a complete pain trauma memory removal is a case in point.  Why is it so simple and yet the only way to CURE an individual paralyzed with anorexia nervosa?  The answer is, the instructions are precise and based on the simplest of understanding of how the elements, the body, and the essence of logic work.  The water re-birthing instructor who is not aware of the three principle things 1) fetal position 2) breath out and submerge with assistant 3) rise to the surface for the very first breath of air, but instead implements breathing patterns, surface water yoga and all that baloney may in the hour and a half treatment in a very brief instance accidentally submerge the subject who is in the fetal position and brought back up in just those few seconds.  That person comes back and says “I’m cured” but forever thinking it had to take almost two hours and in water frolicking around to achieve.

Erase overwhelming thoughts easily

A shortcut EFT that syncs the body, mind, and spirit



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