Why does chicken soup act as a cold medicine?

 chicken_neck_soupIt is a known fact that chicken soup helps with cold symptoms with particular attention to the soar throat.  Ask anyone and they’ll say this is true.  But, the question asked is never answered as to why.  The answer is embedded in the Doctrine of Signatures and I’ll explain the relationship.

kidney bean and kidney

The kidney bean, because it resembles the kidney, indeed supports kidney function.  So too does the sweet potato regarding the pancreas.  The walnut looks like the brain and brain case and the Jerusalem Artichokes tubor is almost indistinguishable with the vertebrae of the spine… all these edible foods have a supportive relationship to the organ, tissue, gland, body function carrying with them the correct balance of minerals and compounds for the job.

A chicken looks nothing like the common cold!

“I have Strep-Throat.. where’s the Doctrine of Similarities?”  The answer is the neck of the chicken boiled in with the broth represents the human neck, or area where toxins are expelled.

A mother who has just birthed a child when consuming one natural avocado every few days will rebound to her natural shape due to the dietary fat contained in the fruit.  It takes exactly nine months for an avocado to go from flower to ripened which is the gestation time of an embryo, to fetus, to newborn. 

The heat of the water extracts the marrow from the neck bones that contain the medicine for healing the symptoms of a cold.  avocado fetusA cold happens to be the cure for a digestive tract problem in which toxins are expelled through the alimentary tract and because toxins are carried along that path next to the respiratory system, it is the job of the air passage ways alongside the neck to excrete the toxins via the flem.  This condition aggravates the lining tissue in which painful swelling occurs.  If chicken soup is made without the neck, which follows the doctrine for similarity of the body part, your neck, it’s only worth is that the thought of it working may sooth the anxiety.  A placebo.  But, when made with the neck included, the road to recovery comes that much sooner.


Prove it to yourself


achilles bok choy

If you’re a parent, take two of your children suffering with colds and feed one chicken soup made with the neck and one without.  You’ll find that it is the neck that effectively treats the cold symptoms right away.  I would hope you trust me by loving both children equally by giving them both the soup at the same time.  Leave the test alone!

Chicken soup medicates the problem that has manifested from an internal infection of the gut which means one must cleanse the digestive tract as well.  This usually includes drinking structured spring water and foods that help flush the intestinal tract.  I suggest gargling with Epsom salts because the magnesium oxide literally draws toxins from the tissue lining of the throat in addition to the soup medicine and it never hurts to soak in a bath with Epsom salts dissolved in the water.  This helps to draw toxins out through the skin along the entire length of the body.



    • realnuz said:

      The apple seeds, like grape seeds and the like, contain the same nitrilocide that do apricot kernels, but in less concentration yet it’s there and perfect for a daily dose of vitamin B17. That’s laetrile when refined into a concentrated compound used for treating cancer. The apricot kernel contains roughly 90,000 ppm ‘amygdalin’ while the apple seed about 6,000 ppm. It doesn’t take much though to do the trick. So, the apple is good for nothing if we don’t press the compound from the seeds as we chew them. It means when we eat the whole food, we literally mean the entire thing. We’re conditioned to spit them out and that it’s okay to breed seedless fruits. The reason why a glass of red wine also kept the doctor away is because the extracted compound from the seeds by crushing them and allowing the alcohol to further extract the compound into the body of the wine makes it medicinal… and there you go with apple cider which is a fermentation process as well. Wine is medicine when consumed responsibly as we know lol. I ask wine connoisseurs whenever I meet them, “So, what’s the finest or best wine in the world?” I let them rant on a topic I have zero knowledge of and pretty much don’t even listen because I don’t know wine from cupcakes, but I do know this when they’re done and I say, “Nope, you’re wrong. The finest or best wine in the world is only wine made from heirloom seeded grapes and anything else is tasty garbage that only gets you drunk if you over indulge.” I never asked what was the best tasting or experience. I get that look of course, but when I explain what I mean, they have no argument, but made no friends either lol. So, that’s the relationship between the two foods… they’re both cancer cures. Am I a smarty pants or what?? 🙂 I have a complete chapter on the apple in my book that’s posted there on the site!

      Regarding the signature, the name for amygdala which is a gland within the brain shares the name with amygdalin which is the compound found in apricot kernels (one of the fourteen nitrilocides that are all related to the B-17 vitamin) and guess what, the gland looks strikingly similar to the kernel. Like the pine nut “pinion” looks and supports just the same the pineal gland… the walnut supports the cortex and so on and so on. Pretty nifty, right? We are what we eat, so stay away from gmo or else end up like one!!!!

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