Erase overwhelming thoughts easily

include prayer, chakra, and meridians.

left hand over forehead 1

dog lotus position

There are herbs, yoga positions, acupuncture points and a whole assortment of activities people engage in to wash those conflicting thoughts away to clear the mind.  Meditation is the practice many perform and many more are either too lazy or afraid to factor in.  But, there’s a quick and easy method to help lift the cluster of things that overwhelm the mind.


Let’s start balancing our fields!


Meditation is often a luxury for the person who has time to partake in the activity.  This alone is significant to setting the day’s tone that stretches throughout the day.  But, when push comes to shove, it may be as simple as placing your left hand finger tips against your forehead and make side to side motions.

looking upwardFirst what you must do is test the theory in which one cannot maintain a negative thought when looking upwards above the horizon, sky, heavens, clouds or stars.  Unless of course one is seriously sickened by chemtrails, the act of pointing the eyes upward deletes negative thoughts.  Try as one might to sustain an ill sentimented thought, it will last but for a brief time and be replaced with hope, love, or affection.

I find while observing people, those who look at the ground are more likely to be in contemplation about problems, or are trying to think things through.  My intuitive notion when watching people looking up is that I’m reading their thoughts as being positive, aloft, spiritual in feeling.  Actions are infectious.  It is true that when one smiles, another smiles back taking ourselves and others out of a defunct internal pattern of reserve.  Looking up means “open” while looking down feels limiting.

Rubbing the forehead using the left palm

The left hand is negatively charged and the forehead is positive.  In most cases, you’ll notice that when you are in the midst of something you feel ridiculous, bizarre, or having a storm of unsettling thoughts, it’s your left hand that you use against your forehead in a side to side movement.  Either the hand is still and you nod your head back and forth, both your hand and head in opposing motion, or your head is still with your fingers massaging the skin.

When you feel the temperature of a sick person’s forehead, usually it is the back side of the right hand.  This side is the negative pole of the hand and can have a soothing effect.

emf hand chartWhen your right hand is being used, it means that you are contemplating a thought deeply.  Whether studying for a test or rationalizing a problem, the right hand is the tool that somehow is being used in an attempt to solve the problem.  Why is this so?

left hand over forehead 4a

A flurry of thoughts can be ordered from chaos by balancing the electromagnetic field using a positive to negative relationship.  The left hand being negative while the forehead positive.  To strengthening your thoughts making sense out of something, using a positive energy field against the positive location of the frontal lobe helps potentiate that thought process.  Putting both hands against the temples also helps to stabilize your thoughts.  Sorting through them requires an action with the forehead.

Left index finger is negative to right temple positive

left hand over forehead 2The thumb of the left hand has a positive charged field that when it touches the negative left side temple with the negative tipped index finger to the right side temple that is positive, the whole hand is equalizing the front end of the brain.   The right hand is used to place all like poles together where the power is increased, not decreased.  This helps with thinking a matter through, but doesn’t help when one wants to decelerate the thought process.

For additional information on balancing the mind and body, follow here:  A shortcut EFT that syncs the body, mind, and spirit




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