Do you know what Gluten really is?

(Satire) Ask food specialists in mainstream and even the natural world of health and nutrition if they know what gluten really is.  Few if anyone has the answer.  “It’s a couple of protein molecules that also aggravate the human digestive tract…” “it’s a natural polymer that when activated by water, makes elastic glue and bread to rise”.  Ask why an edible plant such as wheat manufactures something toxic to humans and what happens is, “I don’t know.  I don’t think anyone does, really”:  Incidentally, the waste product was expensive to discard, so they re-branded ‘bran’, and spend billions in advertising to the yuppie market, to be a healthy fiber for digestion ON TOP OF GLUTEN.  Allow me to explain what GLUTEN is and how to overcome your fear as to what to believe on food labels.

Allow me to explain “why” gluten is

Monsanto-Roundup-DeesThe compound plants manufacture in their systems is a defense against petroleum, one if its primary, pretty much its only, toxic nemesis naturally occurring in the soil.  Since man has removed much of the oil beginning at the turn of the Twentieth Century, plants have little to worry about, if they worry, about a toxic threat.  Plant’s cannot simply pick up and leave when their established roots detect petroleum seeping through the soil to their roots.  Instead, they defend their inner cellular constitution by creating a “latex glove” of protection.  They too starve for nutrition because of this, however, their chance of survival is greater.  Before they perish, they can still create fruit and offspring in the form of seeds with the hope the animals and wind carry them to safer ground.

We are what we eat

gluten-caution tape

If we eat plant gluten, we introduce the same protective compound that builds over time into a barrier where nutrients cannot crossover or through the intestinal lining to be absorbed into our bodies.  We eat, but are actually malnourished.  This compound aggravates our tissues and we become sick.

Why then do plants today contain gluten if there’s no oil?

Monsanto creates pesticides and fertilizers using a petroleum base.  Do you agree that we are what we eat?

Set of grunge rubber stamps with the text gluten free written inside, vector illustrationOn the contrary, there is.  While it’s not naturally occurring in the commercial soils, it is introduced by way of petroleum based fertilizers.  On top of that, pesticides made from petroleum based compounds are sprayed on agricultural fields.  If the fertilizers are natural, the pesticides are not and vice versa.  Companies such as Monsanto have developed genetically modified food that has the purpose of creating a genetic defense against the same toxins they develop from oil.

Near-surface deposits of liquid petroleum seep slowly to the surface through natural fissures in overlying rock in which plants indigenous to areas where this oil is, developed a protective mechanism we term as gluten. The vast majority of petroleum deposits, however, lie trapped at depths from 150 to 7,600 500 to 25,000 feet underground and then served as food to defenseless vegetation.

natural oil seepTherefore, practically all food grown commercially has gluten.  Don’t trust the label that claims gluten free.  Trust that the grower avoids chemicals derived from petroleum to know what needn’t be labeled “gluten free”.  These GMO plants are created to automatically produce gluten regardless of the plant detecting the toxin or not.  There are no gluten free wheat crops.  Incidentally, did you know that there are 17 known opioid-like compounds found in wheat?  This is why some people experienced the feeling of being ‘doped up’ after consuming bread, bagels, or anything that is made from wheat.

What’s gluten doing in there? explains precisely what gluten is regarding the wheat kernel.

Practically everything is labeled “Gluten Free”

I ventured into this theory regarding petroleum for the reason, if many food items are now gluten free, did they have gluten in the first place?  From gluten free soda pop to carrots, I felt that there was a link.  And so flew the theory the resulted in a probable agenda by the commercial food suppliers the industry of deception behind it to keep secret the detrimental aspects of petroleum based fertilizer and pesticides/herbacides.




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  1. I knew there had to be something that made our bread different from the bread my grandparents ate. It’s not the wheat, it’s the petroleum, plants are only defending themselves- defense mechanism 😉 . I know the slow process of my body shutting down and becoming malnourished and hanging on by a thread until a functional doctor was found. Western Medicine doesn’t practice the art of understanding the body and they certainly don’t relate to root causes of an illness- and that Lee, is killing people too. it all ties in. Same with margarine- a byproduct. I had known that there was much less cancer, much less heart disease, etc in the early 20th century compared to now. We are being spoon fed cancer everyday as they hypnotize us with entertainment by night. I appreciate the info- and this, on top of everything else, makes it hard to look down on cloud 9 like I used to before I started connecting the dots.

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