Trauma to wisdom teeth causes heart disease and even attacks

Fun tooth

Jenny Olenick died from complications during oral surgery to extract wisdom teeth.  Her parents filed a civil law against the surgeon and anesthesiologist for medical malpractice, claiming negligence and failure to resuscitate the patient after her heart rate and blood oxygen level dropped.

The parents of a 2015 national story involving 17 year old, Sydney Galleger, who suffered a fatal death due to heart complications blamed on medical malpractice is inaccurate.  The parents are not to blame for injuring the lives of the dentist and technician, however, it is the system of deception who are the culprits for allowing the truth to be hidden regarding the actual cause of complications when the heart malfunctions during and after the wisdom teeth are extracted.  Sydney’s coma induced surgery resulted in death after having her wisdom teeth extracted. 

Her grieving parents and the attorneys salivating at the chops for their cut of the legal payouts feel that the dental practitioners are to blame for medical malpractice.  Extreme and direct trauma to the heart was the cause for the reason, an anesthitc block at the surgery area is not integrated as a safety measure.  When one understands the world of natural medicine and how the body’s systemic symbiotic functions co-partner with each other, in this case, the blame is with the American Dental Association in tandem with the American Medical Association for ignorance, one realizes the precise detrimental reaction after an assault to a body trigger part takes place.

“My son had 4 wisdom teeth removed at one time. The lower teeth were badly impacted, however everything seemed to go “normally” according to his surgeon. Recently my son has developed left sided chest pain, It is now 3 months since his teeth were removed. After reading the nightmare stories other people have suffered through, I wonder if my son’s chest pain could be linked to his surgery. He is otherwise healthy!”



The third molars are not arbitrarily labeled as the Wisdom Teeth.   By no accident the ancient understanding of the human anatomy is understood in which the connection between each of the four molars and each quadrant and four chambers of the heart is directly associated with the wisdom teeth.

Why would a problem tooth once removed create another problem later?

“I had been having ear infection type pain for about a month, saw my pcp and everything was fine. I saw my dentist, who determined I had a bad cavity in my wisdom tooth. So, I had my lower right side wisdom tooth removed. I was sent home with two pain killers and an antibiotic. It’s been four days, and my jaw, gum, and ear still hurt just as bad as before.”

arterial grooves heart

Shock to the system is the answer to a heart attack and can be blamed on a third molar extraction.  While an induced anesthetic treatment facilitates the attack on the heart, the principle effect of shock is triggered when the extracted tooth is not locally blocked with an anesthetic in addition to being “put under” to fall asleep during surgery.

There are three major shocks to the body in general.  One of them is a sprained or broken ankle and another is a root canal.  Under anesthesia, the brain does not experience the extreme pain directly for it is blocked at the nerve channel level, but the body does experience the shock in full force for all is connected through the network of systemic channels.

arteries heart gifThere are four major coronary arteries that branch to four  more that correlate to the third molar “Wisdom” teeth.   They run along coronary grooves in which as the vessels branch outward from the central axis, an equal amount of blood crosses the left, right, post and anterior coronal chambers tissue.  There are 32 teeth with 16 top and 16 bottom, there are 4 molars connected to the 4 chambers with respect to two pairs of arteries for each quadrant of the heart muscle complex.

From the aorta the first of freshly pumped blood circulates through the left and right coronary arteries to service the heart before any other organ.  The 16 and 17th left side wisdom molars are associated with the left coronary artery and those that branch from it, left atrium and ventricles respectively.  The 1st and 32nd right side wisdom molars associate with the right atrium and ventricle respectively.that afflicts tens of thousands of people with lifelong discomfort and disability.

tooth 32When a single tooth is problematic, the biting tooth (the top meets the tooth below it) may be affected as a “sympathetic pain” association which reflects as a dual problem in the heart.  In other words, if the 1st wisdom molar on your upper right and 32nd just beneath can affect the entire right side of the heart.  When the gums and surrounding teeth to the problem tooth is affected, other organs and systems may manifest.  The lower jaw wisdom teeth sit next to the second molars that associate with the lungs.  Sometimes both the heart and lungs are depressed when these teeth are aggravated.


Marc’s story

(11-21-2015) Marc D’Antonio is a published author, a trained Astronomer, and well known in the space and astronomical science circles.  I learned that he had suffered an epic heart condition in which in May of 2015, he suffered five strokes due to a heart infection.  He had an emergency valve replacement procedure to two valves.  At the age of thirty-three, he had a valve replaced.  After a miraculous recovery, he came to visit and I asked about the event.  After explaining to me his condition as being quadriplegic to near full recovery one half year later, I asked about his Wisdom Teeth.  He said that he has all four, but that while not a bother, was recommended by a dentist to have them removed.  Since they weren’t a big issue, he still has them to which he answered that they are impacted.  He said that he believes that the the dental practice whereby probes are used to determine gum depth and that he bled from the procedure that he contracted Staph infections at the Wisdom teeth.  I shrugged my shoulders and said that his heart condition could be related to the life long condition of the wisdom teeth and trauma that was caused.  His valves had been infected with the bacterial invasion leading to Staph.

Michael’s accusation

Michael Vara, an abusive hate speech driven internet radio show host, blames people for his heart attack.  If he had the chance, he too would sue his dentist for negligence. In Michael Vara’s case, at a young age while manifesting pain in one of his Wisdom teeth, he developed cardio vascular blockage in a coronary artery.  Subsequently, this led to a heart attack within just days after having that particular tooth pulled.  The question is, why?  When Michael Vara felt the effects of a heart attack, he was ultimately treated with medication so that his heart would heal after his surgery.  Meanwhile, his good dental surgeon and business friend, Dr. Leonard Horowitz, who is a self-proclaimed yet unproven natural healing authority, never offered a rationale for Michael Vara’s heart condition. He did not associate with the malevolent wisdom tooth extracted just before his heart as the reason for the attack.  Horowitz publicly and wrongly accused two people, myself included, for Vara’s additional stress and cause of the condition leading up to Vara’s questionable untimely health issue without valid evidence or a common sense rationale.  This is an issue of medical negligence.  No doctor other than Leonard Horowitz would agree that a heart attack could be caused by a person’s ill will towards another person or that another person could inflict a heart attack based on an assumption.  Horowitz is the perfect example of medical madness that prevails in our health system.  Vara is guilty of placing blame in an absurd fashion without any medical training.



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