Autism is 100 percent reversible!


CDAutism book cover

Kerri Rivera discovers the protocol that reverses vaccination and glyphosate induced AUTISM!  A simple solution for a perplexing problem the government does not want you to learn.

CDAutism book cover PDFHealing the Symptoms Known as Autism SECOND EDITION  Activist for health, Kerri Rivera administered chlorine dioxide for her ten year old son who suffered from autism due to vaccinations.  At the time, the intent was to clear up another matter, but the result was that the child began to show signs of recovery over a short period of time.  Now, subjects suffering from autism around the world who are aware of the protocol are benefiting from their original mental and physical condition using chlorine dioxide.  As a result of the interview, the realization that vitamin B deficiency, in particular niacin, can be addressed using chlorine dioxide to effectively treat schizophrenia.

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[9/13/2016] Lee Bracker: Kerri!  I came across a food approach for treating parasite infections which may be an interesting addition to CD and chelation. Would you you like to learn it?

[1:41:01 AM] Kerri Rivera: 🙂   LIKE WHAT? 🙂

[8:42:14 AM] Lee Bracker: For three days, nothing passes the lips including any meds, toothpaste, lipstick applied on the lips… nothing period at all no questions except for water, natural and not GMO pineapple juice not the pulp, and pumpkin seeds.  That’s it.  It’s a three part fast.

1. Pineapple Juice

2. Pumpkin Seeds

3. Spring Water

Note:  Consume to your heart’s delight, but nothing NOTHING else must be ingested.

I asked the presenter, Dr. Sheldon Deal, who has practiced natural medicine as an ND for over 5 decades now, if pumpkin seeds have concentrations of naturally occurring or existing sodium chlorite.  He didn’t know, but it is my hunch that pumpkin seeds do and that it’s the acid and the salt that as the body processes it naturally, creates the chlorine dioxide conditions necessary for wiping out all parasites during the course of 72 hours.  I’m busy asking experts about the composition of pumpkin seeds with the hope I do get the answer for the reason, it also helps with de-worming and if brain cancers are a result of parasites in the brain, that this very simple technique then is the cancer cure to the number one cancer scare there is over pancreatic cancer.  This would put me at odds with the AMA, but they couldn’t do a damn thing about it lol… they can’t outlaw pineapple juice and pumpkins because they’d have to kill Halloween and sink Hawaii.  What’s also important is that since CD is highly attacked, this is a work around to keep healers like yourself safe and that if I prove that it is the food treatment I describe that endogenously manufactures CD in the body, I have medicine by the balls.




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  1. EEVIE said:

    All this wonderful life changing and saving knowledge is astounding! It should be in the world’s hands. Everyone should know these cures. Thank you so very much. I would imagine this kind of knowledge is squelched and covered up by the medical community. I hate greed.

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