Can smoking tobacco stop a heart attack?

Smoking a cigarette works to stimulate flatulence as well as a bowel movement, but it’s best to chew on a fresh leaf instead!


little_plantA puff of tobacco smoke inhaled will stimulate the colon to release gas as well as a bowel movement.  A heart attack is largely due to an over gassing of CO2 when carbonic acid is trapped usually along the transverse colon.  It builds to the point it leaches through the colon into the heart sack and heart.  The result is suffocation to the heart and usually blamed on just an occluded coronary artery/s.

A person who smokes regularly is a different story.  That actually keeps that person from being intoxicated with colon gas, but when depraved of the smoke, the coronary vessels most likely to be occluded then exasperate the problem when trapped gas does enter the area.   The article A Heart attack can be a CO2 poisoning.. here’s the fix explains how to assist a person suffering from an attack using foot reflexology which is the safest method and recommended.  It is important to dial then emergency number of course.

The work around to inhaling tobacco smoke is to grow a tobacco plant for its leaves.  When one experiences painful gas that is difficult to expel, simply chew on a fresh leaf.  The signature vibratory frequency is enough to stimulate the colon into relaxing and activate it to expel that little traffic jam.  Smoke simply acts faster when it is immediately taken in by the lungs.  I don’t recommend smoking a cigarette for the reason that can get me jailed regardless of a posted medical disclaimer which this site is covered with.   Do call for medical assistance as there is a chance trapped gas is not the problem.





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