Sure fire natural way to stop diarrhea

Most all home remedies you’ll find don’t tell the story



Dr. Andrew Weil’s approach is especially NOT RIGHT.  Scroll down to find out why.  Meanwhile, here’s the simple facts about problems with Diarrhea (ignore the remedies or suggestions if you come across them).

When you have been diagnosed with the problem hopefully by a natural medical professional, I recommend you share this concept with them to insure whether this food treatment that follows is right for you.  Disclaimer time:)  Do not believe a word I say!!!!  This is for entertainment only.


Natural non-homogenized or pasteurized Milk and Cheese

Mammal (goat and dairy cow) milk has a compound which is 1/10th the strength of morphine.  Morphine and it’s derivitives is known to cause constipation.  Animal (and we are animals) manifest this compound so that our off spring naturally connect with momma.  The addictive nature of the compound prevents a separation between mother and infant to preserve survival of the species.  A mild addiction is the natural amorous feeling between the two with the added benefit of proper absorption of nutrients by the intestinal lining.  If we eliminate too rapidly due to the condition termed diarrhea, we suffer from malnourishment and maintain an unhealthy degree of dehydration.  When raw milk and cheese is consumed, and unrefined sodium chloride (salt) is consumed and processed by the body, the restoration of normal elimination of the stool occurs.


“I’m allergic to milk and cheese!, or milk and cheese gives me bowel problems, I develop phlegm and mucous, and I’m miserable because my body expresses an embarrassing case of flatulence!!”


Not to worry.  Processed milk products is the cause.  Processed milk is a known toxin and is listed as such, however, the FDA hides this fact from the public.  Because homogenized milk and cheese is a modified from nature “non” food, the body rejects it.  Youngsters manifest pimples and boils for the reason the skin is the exit route for toxicity from the liver where toxins are dealt with and excreted via the largest organ of our body – the skin.

diarrhea_01“Raw” and I feel more comfortable referring it to unprocessed milk and cheese is completely safe to consume, doesn’t cause allergies which is the bodies action to repel a toxic invasion, and is accepted by our great grandparents as a healthy part of our diet.  I’m sorry raw, vegan, vegetarian dieters, but if you have a problem with diarrhea and need some help when no help is there, simply bite the bullet this time for a pleasant surprise.  Milk’s sedative properties because of the low grade narcotic compound inherant with it’s constitution has always been known as a safe sleep aid.  When you sleep is when nutrients are absorbed into your body… if you have diarrhea and are on your healthy diet, remember that it doesn’t work if the plumbing isn’t..


My infant or toddler has diarrhea

Check list:

1) Do I feed my infant or child processed or natural dairy foods?

2) Is the formula I use processed, filtered and heat treated milk from a milk bank?  Am I using soy milk (the juice is extract, not milk) and other non natural milks?


Dr. Andrew Weil?

Weil’s research team recommends a number of “safe, effective” remedies for diarrhea.  I’m not so sure:

Dr. Andrew Weil says (his think tank actually) that although avoiding high-fiber foods during a bout of diarrhea can ease symptoms, fiber can help reduce the severity of chronic diarrhea (such as that caused by IBS) by adding bulk to stools.
  • Follow the “BRAT” diet, an acronym for bananas, rice, applesauce and toast. These foods should be added to the diet; they should not replace a normal, well-balanced diet.  Toast is wheat.  Wheat is toxic, but it does have 17 known opioids which does help, however, today’s wheat no matter what the industry says is loaded with gluten.  He doesn’t tell you what rice to consume in which a person may choose bleached refined rice.  Apple sauce actually helps the stool move along.  There is no evidence that it reverses diarrhea, otherwise, he’d cite a source.
  • Carob powder can help soothe irritated intestines. Start with one tablespoon, mixed with some applesauce and honey to make it palatable. Take it on an empty stomach.  Just a marketing ploy for carob.
  • Blackberry root bark (Rubus macropetalus) contains tannins, which have a desirable astringent action on the intestinal lining. Take a teaspoon of tincture in water every two to four hours.  I corrected the word astringent.. anyhow, causing an astringent condition with the inner lining of the colon and small intestines prevents nutrients from being absorbed… Oye vey Doctor. 
  • Probiotics help repopulate the digestive tract with healthy bacteria. Take one tablespoon of the liquid culture or one to two capsules with meals unless the label directs otherwise.  Okay, nice, but that doesn’t help with problems regarding Diarrhea.
  •  It is particularly important to take probiotics twice a day, with meals, as soon as you begin taking antibiotics. Continue the twice-daily ingestion of probiotics for a few days after completing the course of antibiotics.  Marketing ploy.






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