A new method to improve your vision

I call it macular eye socket therapy for short.  One could give it long technical names such as Orbital Macular Stimulus.  The name should be as simple as the method is.  Why not just call it “keep your eye on the ball therapy” and vice versa.  The therapy is very easy to self-administer.  All you need is something round and roughly the same diameter of your eye.


Gently stimulate the eye orbit socket using a ball to help myopia.  This therapy ‘instructs’ the eye to reshape itself by conforming closer to the spherical shape of the therapeutic instrument, which happens to be something the size of a golf ball.


Near and far sightedness

The shape of the eye for a near sighted person is elongated front to back.  In this case, the egg shaped eyeball is not a slightly flattened form from the back to the front.  The focal point falls short of the retina, therefore corrective concave prescription lenses extends the focus right on the back screen, or retina, for clear vision.  The reverse is true for a far sighted person.  The focal point extends beyond the eye because the retina is too close to the lens of the eye.

myopia-via-bbc-from-bupaThe corrective method is to stimulate the eyes in such a manner that the eye ball reforms itself into an original intended shape.  This is claimed to be achieved with a simple practice known as Myofascial therapy in which one massages the bony areas surrounding the eye.  What takes place is a broadcasting of stimulus to the muscles that hold the eye in place for those who have weak muscles that cause eye tracking issues, wandering eye, and other problems relating to the natural motions of the eye.

I will take this therapy a step further with the aid of a ball used to stimulate the initiation of a reshaping of the eye without touching it.  What you will need is a golf ball, a semi rigid rubber ball of the same size, or even a lime if that’s all you can find.  A lime, incidentally, is not perfectly round as it has a slight flattened from perfect spherical which actually resembles the natural form of the human eyeball.  That may be even better, but if limes are out of season, then a golf ball or super ball (the ones the kids play with that bounce like crazy) will do.


What you do:

Debbie eye rollingTake the ball into the palm of your hand and bring it to your brow.  Roll the ball with the palm of the hand not using your fingers.  It is as if you are rolling it on the surface of a table in small circular patterns.  Everyone has done this at some point in their lives, so you’re already trained!  You roll the ball gently around the eye riding on the boney ridge of the socket for 10 to 20 minutes of therapy daily.  You may alternate between the left and right eye every 3-5 minutes if you’d like.  If you’re coordinated, try rolling around both eyes at the same time!  This requires patience to get through the several minutes of therapy for the reason you’ve never done this before.  Be patient, however, for as you become acclimated to sitting while performing this therapy, it will become second nature.  If impatience is a problem, simply begin with a five minute routine in the morning and then 5 minutes at night over each eye.  Hopefully you’ll be able to reach 10 minutes or more.

Remember, this does not cost anything and if anything and won’t injure you.  If you are administering the therapy to someone else, practice with yourself first.  Having their eyelids closed is important in case the ball goes off track rolling over the eye.  You are not pressing firmly as this is a gentle therapy.  My recommendation for one who is helping someone is to find a softer ball to use while perfecting one’s ability to roll the ball without the accidental rolling over the eyelid.


Why does this therapy work?

We have heard the phrase, “Form follows function”.  This idea in reverse is a “function following a form”.  In the world of biochemistry, a cancer cell is a repairative cell that is signaled by the affected area of the body, a tissue cell, to transform into a similar cell.  It has to do with vibrational conversation.  The repair cell receives a signal in which the orders are obeyed for the right combinations to take place.

When the round form of the therapeutic implement, a sphere in this case, the organ senses the geometric shape and begins to conform to it.  This is a function following an established form in which eventually, “Form follows function”.  The eye ball will form to the shape of the ball.  In reality, the perfect shape of the ball is not the end result of the shape of the eye.  The eye is conforming to its genetic history of where it should be.  Although this will not work with extreme birth defects, disease, and other anomalies, for the natural diminishing of eye sight and slight changes of prescriptions, this therapy may very well be the way to over all eye health.



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