Nurse the colon first before using your cancer cure

A house built on a good foundation can last forever

There is one common trait with every natural treatment for colon cancer.  That is that the supplements, herbs, or types of foods are only claimed to alleviate symptoms, or attack the cancer cell.  In testimonials, people say that they are cured and they are because of the natural approach including lifestyle changes, but what about everyone else that has tried and failed?  You’ll find testimonials for alternative treatments, but what about you or someone you know who refuse to or simply have resigned to die?  They’re cooperating with the disease and getting nowhere!  What can be done? (follow this link to learn more about Tepezcohuite) and (Here for “The Miracles of Vitamin E“).    (Scroll down to “What To Do” if you can’t wait)


The treatment for healing the inner lining of the large intestine comes from tree bark. The ‘magic skin tree’, Tepezcohuite (Mimosa Tenuiflora) is a thorny tree with a wide distribution, but it is only in very localized areas of Chiapas, Mexico that it yields its ultimate potential.  It is known for its 24 hour healing of severe burns, cuts and abrasions, anti fungal, bacterial, and an anti viral agent.  It is known that cancer has an alignment with those microorganisms.  Tepezcohuite is not known to kill cancer cells.  Killing them is one thing, however, turning them away from the problem area is another.  To do this, one must completely heal the area of concern.  This is where the compound in Tepezcohuite comes in to save the day.


Before explaining how to treat using Tepezcohuite , let’s talk very briefly about what cancer is and why it’s gone crazy.  Cancer is a cell that remains in a latent state within your body.  You have millions of them.  Without cancer (real name is Trophoblast), you don’t exist.  We have been lead to believe that these cells are nasty in which they ultimately cause death.  The true fact is that the cell carries all the genetic code to replicate any cell within your body as a repairative cell.  Think of them as stem cells.  They are instructed by the surrounding tissue cell as to how to mutate, or transform, into the repair cell in the area that is infected, cut, depressed, or poisoned.  Once the area is rejuvenated, the active cancer cells return to a latent state awaiting the next problem that arises.  For the same reason a cancer cell is broadcasted information as to how to turn into a replacement cell, so too is it broadcasted instructions by the healthy cells once repaired to “go away.. we don’t need you here anymore”.  This is the miracle healing we all speak of. Western medicine has distorted our understanding.  Medicine with it’s cancer promoting chemistry infects us and because our food supply lacks the nutrients required to keep cancer from over proliferating, this is the tool for the cancer industry revenue mechanism.


What to do:

The colon is being eaten away by cancer while at the same time unable to regenerate the ulcerated areas as well as the tissue that is being lost.  The organ tissue must be revitalized and like the skin asks for Vitamin E, so too does the Colon tissue.  But, there’s something little people are aware of that comes from the bark of a tree.  That is Tepezcohuite from Chiapas Mexico.  It is ground into a powder and then made into a tea which when consumed, will help treat from within.  To directly treat the colon on contact, a colon hydrotherapeudic protocol is required with the introduction of the powder dissolved in water and the solvent from another tree, the pine tree.  That solvent is where MSM is derived in which people use for various health problems including Arthritis. It is called DMSO, or dimethylsulfphoxide.  DMSO will help to get the Tepezcohuite absorbed into the affected area of the colon while at the same time have it’s own healing eficacy with the damaged tissue.  DMSO is safe to ingest, but direct contact is the aim.  You see, it’s fixing the organ cells restoring them to health that keeps the cancer away.  Why is this?  It is because cancer cells hone in on problem areas to fix them, but if there’s no problem, they go back into their barracks awaiting another war to be announced.  When the colon is healthy, it has more potential to naturally detach the polyps so they can vacate the system.

You’ve known about natural methods for treating cancer.  All of them involve the ingestion of nitrilocide rich foods (amygdalin, or for the layman one of the nitrilocides known as laetrile that comes from apricot kernels or grape seeds).  Deny the body refined sugar and alkalize it with alkaline rich foods.  Stepping up a sodium bicarbonate with molasses regime is another way to alkalize the system.  Everything works to aggravate the cancer out of being aggressive.  Remember, it’s healing the tissue that is fundamental for killing over zealous cancer cells.


Step 1: Begin your natural solution to arresting cancer.

Step 2: thoroughly cleanse the colon

Step 3: Administer an enema with sodium bicarbonate directly into the colon dissolved in water.

Step 4: Dissolve 30 percent DMSO with a cup of powdered Tepezcohuite in a gallon of water.  If this takes all afternoon to administer, don’t worry, the more contact the colon will have with the healing agents before being flushed out the better.  In other words, don’t rush it!

Note:  Don’t follow with plain water as a grand finale.


Other facts about the Tepezcohuite Tree.

Tepezcohuite bark has been used by the Maya since the 10th century to treat skin lesions. Still used in the region today, it is particularly effective at healing burns. In 1984, an explosion of a gas factory in Mexico City left 500 people dead and 5,000 suffering from severe burns. This overstretched the medical capabilities of the city. Those not admitted turned to Tepezcohuite to treat the burns and healed more effectively. Its anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, anesthetic and epidermal regeneration properties earned it the nickname of “miracle plant”, and it was classified as part of Mexico’s national heritage.


Because the above solution involves colon cleansing, you may be surprised if you also suffer from mild appendicitiSave your appendix from surgery.


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