Disease and their companion emotional traumas

A friend asks about lung cancer:



Here’s an interesting look into the world of diseases that manifest without rhyme or reason

Western medicine has no answers, but in the natural understanding of how healing takes place there are solutions.  Our physical problems are mainly psychological in which body functions degrade until the worst happens.  Every emotional trauma affects specific areas in the body according to its chakra values.  An organ, a gland, a system, body part and so on is affected by specific traumas, or sets of emotional traumas in combination.  For example, Dana Reeves was traumatized by the spinal cord injury in 1995 to her husband from an equestrian horse accident in which he would die the following morning.  He miraculously survived the first night after the doctors were bluntly honest about his condition and what would most likely happen.  This fear now imprinted in Dana’s mind would cycle every morning for ten years until he finally passed away.

Did you ever wonder why Dana Reeves, the wife of Christopher Reeves who played Superman, died of lung cancer?  She never smoked.  Patrick Swayze and Michael Landon, however, smoked several packs of cigarettes daily.  Along with other notable public figures, they both suffered from pancreatic cancer.  Why did Michael and Patrick not come down with lung cancer?   Strange, no?  They were wealthy enough to fix their problems!  Why couldn’t modern medical science save their lives?  Why did Lance Armstrong lose one of his you know whats?  I mean, the real reason and not the coerced steroid accusation and subsequent admittance to using steroids.

Christopher and DanaWhen Dana’s husband died, the trauma was heightened 10 fold.  It was at that point that Dana going into shock accelerated the degradation of lung health manifesting it into a higher stage of cancer for over one year until she too was irreversibly consumed with stage 4 terminal lung cancer.   This means that the emotion attached to the lungs happens to be the traumatic impending doom fear of death.  Death of oneself or another.  Dana and Christopher shared a very rare Hollywood condition, they were truly in love with each other.. she never left his side.

The Reeve’s were deeply in love with each other.


The reason is because medicine has zero clue how nature works.  Nada.



I called each of the men’s widows or loved ones to find out what it was about their husbands who had died of cancer. Since each subject’s cancer was unrelated to the carcinogen or lack of in the case of Dana Reeves that would lend a clue or evidence to the notion trauma pain memories lead to becoming sick.  I got the answers I needed to confirm what I’m saying, however, I ensured them that my purpose is not to expose private matters that have never been published before.  My aim is not to exploit those who are deceased at the expense of families still living today.  I love people and this article is to inform you about you.. not them.  I am grateful to the wives who shared secrets.  I love them and they loved their husbands.

Swyaze smokingPatrick Swayze, once diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, was destined to die because he had always talked about others with the same disease.  He’d comment when hearing of someone diagnosed with pancreatic cancer saying, “He’s gone.. they’re done”.  It means that once he was diagnosed there was no chance of living through his treatment for the reason he had already sealed his fate.

Ironically, he smoked like a chimney and didn’t think twice about lung cancer, nor did he manifest it.  Lance Armstrong did and he was as healthy as Dana.. why did they and not Patrick get lung cancer?  I keep asking because I know the answer.


Pancreatic cancer is linked to the constant fear trauma of losing one’s wealth

Truth is, the experimental cancer drug Vatalanib – an inhibitor meant to cut off blood supply to the tumor in his pancreas – was the tool used to finish off his pancreas.  After a year it had no effect while in the beginning it did help some.  The problem was that the drug does restrict blood flow to the tumor cells, but it also cuts off blood supply to the organ itself while shutting down other important systems such as trypsin and a companion compound called chymotrypsin production which is a compound ironically that controls cancer, or trophoblast cells gone mad to a latent stage, and also proteolitic enzymes that are important for converting proteins into their amino acid components for rebuilding new proteins the body uses for repair.  Sure, they killed cancer, but also ended the function of the organ.

Niemi, Patrick’s wife, felt that the experimental drug was the best route for her husband because of its aggressiveness after becoming discouraged with the other options that were available to him.  Those other options happened to be the natural cancer healing protocols.  Niemi recalled that once it stopped it’s effect, they were terrified.. an emotion that amplifies the progression of ill health.


Click below Michael Landon article

In this case, it allowed the cancer to escalate

Michael Landon article

Michael Landon bwMichael Landon drank and smoked same way Patrick Swayze did.  The two men looked alike and were handsome, they were both in great shape in their early careers, and they did not suffer from diabetes.  Otherwise, all the reports would have disclosed that condition.  It means something else was working into the puzzling issue.  We all know emotions play a role in health and so, an emotional trauma in areas associated with an emotions makes sense that a cancerous condition would manifest.  Landon also elected to try an experimental cancer drug after specialists came to visit from Cedar Sinai Hospital in Los Angeles to his home convincing him that the Gerson Clinic would be a big mistake.  Unfortunately, Michael insisted he could do the Gerson therapy at home in LA which left him vulnerable to Western Medicine Madness and madmen.


Fear of Losing equates to reproductive tissue cancer

Tour de France star, Lance Armstrong, battled as they say, testicular cancer, and was criticized for having taken steroids in which the cancer manifested.  Yes, it probably did (Armstrong finally admitted to steroid use), but the reality is, there was an emotion that preceded the degeneration of one of his private parts.   Usually there is a trigger that finalizes by accelerating the rapid attack of the conditions of disease such as cancer.

Like the death of her husband, finally ten years after his initial injury, Dana was triggered into the secondary shock of being alone without the love of her life.  They were dependent on each other for this love.  Dana rapidly fell into the tighter grips of lung cancer completely unrelated to smoking or being around carcinogenic compounds such as cleaning agents.  The maids handled that I’m sure.  And, cancer doesn’t grow and take one’s life over night.  It does seat itself and when the second trauma triggers the mind into shock, then all heck breaks loose.


I knew someone who once had a love at first sight woman in his life, his only one, and were separated abruptly for unusual reasons.  This man had been shocked into a trauma related to the fear of loss.  To this day, he says he will go for the rest of his life loving a woman he has no relationship with until his death.  He calls it unremitted love.  It is a psychologically sick place to be.  She is all he thinks about even 25 years later and has never seen her.  He blames testicular atrophy of one of his testicles on cancer causing chemical parabins that are found in skin cremes.  Synthetic parabin was simply the catalyst that set off the problem specific to trauma regarding his fear loss of a loved one in youth when one is at a sexual peak.  Truth is, it was only a trigger.

Lance5Lance, you see, was traumatized for whatever reason.  The reproductive system can be severely compromised if there is an emotional trauma.  It can happen with impending ‘doom’ as well.  In his case, Lance is one to demand a win. Not take second place, but first.  What is of interest is that in a race before he was diagnosed before his cancer treatment, Armstrong had won two Tour de France stages. In 1993, he won the eighth stage and in 1995; he took stage 18 in honor of teammate Fabio Casartelli who crashed and died on stage 15. Lance Armstrong dropped out of the 1996 Tour after the fifth stage after becoming ill, a few months before his diagnosis.  Perhaps a trigger that lead to the fact that testicular, or reproductive cancers, are related to the


Click to enlarge

fear of losing and loss of a teammate, a friend of his

Lance article

which compounded itself with a piggy back trauma fear of a teammate dying, Lance developed Lung cancer as well.  Not surprising.  It follows then that a death equates to lung disease.  How could a healthy person with extraordinary lungs as they say Lance has develop a problem? Trauma pain can be triggered by a chemical, such as even so much as a mild drug or secondary trigger initiates the shutdown of the bodies defense mechanisms against its own defense.  For you see, cancer is actually a curative cell.  When there are no signals to stop cancer cells, they continue and “over” fix bodily problem areas.  That is a matter of a future discussion of cancer.




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