Why legs don’t tan

why legs won't tanI looked everywhere on the net to find anyone with the answer as to why people complain that body parts don’t tan.  There is a logical reason.  Want to know what it is?

Vitamin D is manufactured by ultra violet (UV) sunlight A and B.  The precursor is oil soluble Vitamin D2 that is secreted onto the skin through the oil glands.  When the light converts it into D3, it is absorbed back into the body and at the location where cancer would occur for lack of the direct area that is vulnerable without the compound.  The simple answer as to why body parts like the legs don’t tan on fair skinned people.. women in particular who voice this complaint, is because they vigorously wash the oil right off the legs usually when daily shaving is conducted.


We bathe the oils off the skin in the morning before we venture outdoors into sunlight

The solution then is to take your morning shower, but only clean the armpits, private areas, hair, unless you’re bald and want a nicely tanned noggin, and go on to your daily routine.  At nightfall wash up like you would regularly do in the morning.  Don’t wash the white areas with soap though.

By the following day, your skin will have the necessary ingredients for reaction with the melanin.  This is important because Vitamin D2 that converts into D3 is the defense against skin cancer and other problems relating to skin disease.

washing-underarmsUsing medicine such as sun block agents prevents the Vitamin transmutation that the body requires.  Supplementing with Vitamin D3 is important in matters of the systemic health of the body, but it doesn’t necessarily help with the skin.  It does eventually, but the issue with people who can’t naturally tan should try not lathering up in the morning in which the vital hormone helps with tanning, cancer prevention, and so forth.

There are some people who must wash their whole body.  This means choosing a gentle soap that does not wipe out your vitamin supply may be considered.

If you keep your self healthy by not blocking the skin with UV creams with high spf factors and use natural dietary oil rich fatty avocados, cod fish liver oil, as well as D alpha tocopherol, you’ll find tanning healthy skin will be swift and beautiful.




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