The Miracles of Vitamin E

I took notes on a presentation Dr. Sheldon Deal NDD (Swan Clinic, Tucson, AZ) presented on vitamin E.  So compelling, I felt I’d share with you what I learned.  Vitamin E and some of its unique actions on health are relatively unpopularized, but are well documented.  Medicine keeps these facts largely out of the media for the reason Vitamin E does what Vitamin B3 does.. lowers the risk of heart failure by 50%, promotes successful pregnancies by preventing spontaneous abortions soon after conception — the eugenicists don’t like to see birth rates go up with respect to their depopulation program.  Vitamin E thins the blood therefore reducing blood pressure.  There is little or no need for Warfarin (Coumadin, Jantoven, Marevan, Lawarin, Waran, and Warfant – aka rat killers).  Vitamin E compliments your vitamin A requirements in a rather unique way.  There’s more!



Eppstein is a vitamere and not a vitamin e.  It is injectable.

D Alpha Tocopherol is natural.  This is what you should look for when reading the label on the vitamin bottle.  If it is spelled differently, it is wise to avoid it.  Genuine Vitamin E is more expensive than the synthetic analogue, but very well worth it as you’ll find in this article.

Most of us know that the added “L” means that the vitamin is synthesized from its natural form into something patentable and strange, therefore, it will not be as effective as the natural substance.  Remember the avocado in which it is claimed that it is abundant with vitamin E?  Now that the avocado has been bred to yield fruit all year round having gone through ultra hybridizing programs, the dietary fat (oil) has been reduced as much as 75 percent.  Since vitamin E is soluble only in oil, it means that the there is far less oil in the fruit (notice how watery avocados are) that it is logical to deduce that there is proportionately less oil.  I covered this in the articleDietary Fat Bred Out of Haas Avocados – Now It’s the Reed.


What to know about the natural versus the synthetic versions

There are two synthetic versions to be cautious of.  The DL Alpha tocopherol (or tocopheryl)

D Alpha. D (no L) Alpha Tocopheryl is synthetic and in between DL Alpha Tocopheryl.  “OL” at the end means it was extracted naturally and acid is used to extract succtenol.  Vitamin C, E, and A enhance each other.  Taking vitamin E causes less need for vitamin A.  It means it has a causative effect.  Selenium is 50 times stronger than vitamin E.  A, E, C and selenium are your 4 anti-oxidants.  E is destroyed by ultraviolet light, rancid fat, and chlorine.  Vitamin E is listed as an essential vitamin, but they don’t say how much one needs.  E is a blood thinner.  Surgeons ask patients not to take E before surgery cause they want thick blood.  Vitamin E and Niacin thins the blood.  Hanna Kroeger used laying on of hands to thicken and thin the blood.  500 mg of niacinamide relieves pain/inflammation. Aspirin with Cumadin thins the blood too much.  1600 units of E a day working from a low dose to 1600 to prevent heart attacks.  Night sweats and hot flashes treated with 1600 units a day.  Sluggish sperm is enhanced with vitamin E as a fertility enhancer.  Makes the tails wiggle faster.

Tocopherols (or TCP) are a class of chemical compounds of which many have vitamin E activity. It is a series of organic compounds consisting of various methylated phenols. Because the vitamin activity was first identified in 1936 from a dietary fertility factor in rats, it was given the name “Tocopherol” from the Greek words “τόκος” [birth], and “φέρειν”, [to bear or carry] meaning in sum “to carry a pregnancy,” with the ending “-ol” signifying its status as a chemical alcohol.Vitamin E prevents spontaneous abortions in the first half of pregnancy.  Second half of pregnancy it’s encouraged to up the calcium.  75% pregnancies are spontaneous abortions, but women don’t know within the first two weeks when it happens.  Their periods may come without stopping, but they were pregnant and aborted without knowing.  Vitamin E helps to maintain a pregnancy.   Vitamin E helps to produce estrogen and testosterone.  A deficiency of E results in atrophy of testicles and ovaries.  Lack of oxygen is improved with Vitamin E.  A person who feels they can’t breath enough air, or feeling of not breathing deeply will improve with vitamin E.  The way to determine the 75 percent of abortions is to know if the temperature raised 1 degree when pregnant.  Statistics kept when people try to become pregnant.  75 out of 100 average show they aborted regardless the subject knew.  Sexual problems result from too much or too little vitamin E.  Strengthens the muscles, heart, and uterine wall.  heart endurance increased 50 percent when two units of E is taken. E makes scars 50 percent smaller.  Vitamin E directly applied on a cold sore will cure it in 24 hours.

A healing ointment can made in your kitchen using the same ingredients plus the ones they don’t use in the industry.  The difference is that you’ll have the natural chemistry instead of the synthetic contrivance.


Veritascure skin cream:

In a bowl, mix up ground kali (potassium) sulphate Just squash the pills), vitamin E (D alpha tocopherol), tepezcohuite powder (miracle skin tree), Vitamin C (crush the granules or tablets into a powder), selenium.  Add equal amounts of  virgin coconut oil, and colostrum.  Mix until it is smooth.  Apply to the skin and areas of concern.  If you’d like a natural solvent to carry the cream deep into the skin, use dimethyl sulphoxide (DMSO) by dabbing liberally over the cream applied to the skin.  Do this daily for one week to note the results.  The colostrum helps to fill in the areas that result in wrinkles.



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