Restoring your mirror image to normal

Wiki: “Body dysmorphic disorder (BDD, also body dysmorphia, dysmorphic syndrome; originally dysmorpho- phobia) is a type of mental illness, a somatoform disorder, wherein the affected person is concerned with body image, manifested as excessive concern about and preoccupation with a perceived defect of their physical features.

The person thinks they have a defect in either one feature or several features of their body, which causes psychological distress that causes clinically significant distress or impairs occupational or social functioning. Often BDD co-occurs with depression and anxiety, social withdrawal or social isolation.”

The therapy opens and keeps open neuro network closures so that healing can take place.  The therapy theoretically needs to be done just one time.  Since it is a pretreatment for all other treatments to be truly effective “once over” too, it is an ideal way to start.  It is like preparing the canvas with gesso before the media is applied.  At the 44:22 marker in the video to the right, note that the therapy is approximately 40 seconds submerged preceded by several minutes of relaxed gentle meditation.  The instructions are exactly as they were followed 2,000 years ago and beyond.

Dysmorphic Disorder is a conditioned shared by those with Anorexia

Not surprising, the extreme eating disorder called Anorexia nervosa shares a characteristic with those suffering from body dysmorphic syndrome in which a distorted self-image of one’s self is so debilitating to correct it almost calls for an act of God.


A body, mind and spirit ‘Do Over’

Davida is a certified instructor of  Watsu (water Shiatsu), Waterdance, Yoga, and the  5Rhythms® movement practice, in both the Waves and Heartbeat Maps.  She is forever touched by her many years as a professional Doula, caring for mothers in labor and birth, and is awed by the power and radiance of the human heart.  Davida enjoys her on-going private practice in Watsu and serving on the teaching faculty of the Moving Center School.  She lives in Northern California, spends time working in the Los Angeles area every few months, and loves to travel, sharing the magic of the dance, the water, and her work to the world.  I highly recommend Davida helping you or someone you would like to help with re-birthing the conscientious way..  contact: 415.455.8981 or 310.994.5405 •

Water re-birthing is the curative treatment for all naturally occurring diseases and has been around since human beings first appeared.   In modern times, the practice was re-introduced and popularized when people had been suffering at the hands of the power elite.  They were denied the knowledge of how to administer the therapy in which the mind, body and spirit are restored to an original ‘factory settings’.  Jesus Christ returned to the Holy land with the instructions taught to him by his teachers in the Orient.


Under these circumstances, a person began life again before any traumas were introduced into his or her’s life.

watsu-mainBack then, people were afflicted with evil, misconceptions of themselves, and distorted truths installed in them similar to what is known today as mind control.  These false realities appearing real are currently broadcasted by the media and the entertainment venues, but before modern technology relied on their voice at a pulpit and from the aristocratic platforms.  Rarely, however, did people suffer from the diseases we know today.  The treatment people felt was a true miracle, and it is, was always known by ancient civilizations.

283435_10151256179847922_42711737_nThe emotional freedom technique that takes a person back to a trauma free experience is a very basic EFT, or emotional freedom technique.  It is the therapy one would do prior to engaging in conventional methods already in place.  Since an infant has not yet experienced life outside the womb and an adult has, this rebrithing experience is not the cure, but the precursor to treatments that do exist that become cures when appropriately exercised.  this is a body, mind and spirit ‘Do Over’.


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