A shortcut EFT that syncs the body, mind, and spirit

Wouldn’t it be nice to rewind ourselves just like a toy that goes and goes?

Learn more about a total mind body and spiritual healing technique by following this link:  The cure for Anorexia nervosa and view the youtube videos in the article: The curative treatment for all diseases.  And new to the scene is the actual technique of water rebirthing showing how the dual’ torus field works.

(below) Video demonstration using EFT tapping techniques.  Similar videos are found on the right side.

EFT, or emotional freedom technique, is the practice whereby energy fields at chakra and meridian points along the meridian pathways are cleared.  This is done by healers who help subjects open closed pathways so that psychological and physical ailments begin a healing process.


cookoo1Having re-discovered the ancient and correct technique that opens neural-network pathways using water re-birthing therapy has opened a rather large door into a room filled with healing mysteries.  One such mystery relating to the act of suggesting that someone is, well, a lunatic, crazy, nuts, and so on is another EFT that has been hidden in plain sight.

I suspect that twirling a finger around the ear is the reverse of what our contemporary meaning, or definition of “not all there, or firing on all fours” is.  The act of twirling one’s finger around the ear is in fact balancing the entire body.  It also is easing an over whelmed train wreck of thoughts are in collusion with the mind and the person needs to organize their thoughts.

Auricular therapy is the natural healing method that acupuncture and acupuncturists perform to temporarily open neural network pathways within the brain for it to communicate with the body.  It also works to communicate with itself.  Specialists sometimes work exclusively with the ear because it has the entire body’s paths mapped with it.  In other words, a point anywhere on the body can be positively stimulated by the brain if the correct pathway point is triggered by stimulation.   It can work with vibrations at the point, a frequency, a pinch, and of course with needles.


The ear represents the entire body and can stimulate it all at once

woman in fetal position2Just like water re-birthing, there is a way to stimulate each and every nerve of the ear with a simple electromagnetic directional movement using the positively charged end of your index finger.  By making circular motions as in ‘spinning’ around the ear, not only are the electron spins reoriented, but the shift in magnetic fields can ‘massage’ all the nerve endings opening up all the pathways in the brain.  Because this includes the brains communication with itself, it allows it to settle differences between the left and right hemisphere.

Auricular Acupuncture ChartThe problem has always been that somewhere in history, the knowledge had been twisted mislead into something detrimental and unappealing.  I won;’t elaborate for the reason I really don’t know, but I have a hunch that those interested in shutting down the natural healers and their modalities taught the masses something about the instructions which shifted their intellect in the belief it was evil spirited.  Therefore, calling someone ‘coockoo’ without saying it is demonstrated simply by spinning a finger around the ear.  The opposite, when one thinks of how to back engineer everything we’ve been trained to believe, is that this action is correcting a health problem with the person sending the signal…

So a person with a superiority complex hand signaling to you that you’re nuts really is empowering them, selfishly of course, with bringing the body, mind and spirit into check.  It’s too bad this practice doesn’t reset their moral values.


How I learned of this realizing what ‘coockoo’ really means


My teacher was Dr. Sheldon Deal in Tucson, Arizona.  I learned from attending his public presentations, but not as a student earning a degree.  I am not certified incidentally which is probably a good time for the disclaimer, “I am not a practitioner in the field of healing modalities nor do I earn a living by teaching others what I have learned, therefore, I suggest the consultation of your medical practitioner.  Good luck!”

I had learned the tapping technique at the meridian paths located on the face, temples, around the head and various areas of the body to understand.  I witnessed volunteers including myself recover from mental and health issues.  I know it works because EFT worked for me.  But, spinning electrons in unison in the same direction requires a different technique.  Instead of tapping around the ear clearing meridians, a twirling is implemented.


Sheldon demonstrated that you can twirl your finger 10 or 12 times (that’s all?  That simple.. sure!) around the watch face to reorient the electron spin of the battery.  There are people whose EMF reacts with batteries and that they die prematurely.  A battery can be ‘reset’ so that it isn’t nor the person sensitive to EMF interference.  the same can be done to refined sugar in order to ease the affects on the pancreas’ over stimulation which floods the circulatory system with insulin.  Funny, I asked during Q&A, “Aren’t you automatically doing this when stirring the coffee you just added sterilized sugar to?”  There are times when I shouldn’t say anything..

This is where it gets bizarre

On Monday, March 4, 2013 just a day after I debuted the newly re-discovered water re-birthing therapy at a conference in Phoenix, I sat a McDonald’s restaurant to do a days worth of work.  Across the street was a rather attractive woman walking down the sidewalk.  She made a bee line crossing to talk to me.  Before I knew it, I felt something unusual about her.  It turned out that she knew Dr. Deal.  Not only that, it was her father that taught him much of what he knew about natural healing practices.  Her father, and I sensed it, was the true healer.  Her description of him was a carbon copy description of me.  Two people who understood the Pythagorean philosophy — the inspiration for the Hippocratic oath intuitively.

This was no mistake meeting her.  It was directed from above.  Phoenix has a population of nearly 1.5 million people.  Had I only bought a lottery ticket instead?  No, this was not a coincidence.  There was information that had to be transmitted by her to me which means she was directed and so was I to be where I was at that specific moment.  We spent time for three days and now she has disappeared into her world.  She needed help and I gave it to her and it was reciprocal.. I would most likely never had made the auricular EFT connection.

This isn’t as bizarre as it sounds, really.  It is my destiny to find truth.  I recognize and remember everything.  I do not live in a world of denial.  I need help from outside sources, however, and in this case it must have come from her deceased father moving the pieces around seeking help for his daughter and for me to help the world recover from the disease I call globalist cancer.

My true teacher was Loren’s father.  A teacher’s teacher and a true healer who spoke to me through his daughter.  He wanted the best for both of us.  I think he wants what I want – to heal a world suffering from health ignorance.

When we talked about EFT and tapping, she said that her father used the temporal tapping method around the ear.  Of course I’d known it, but because I hadn’t thought of it after I learned that the ear was a command center switch board for the rest of the body, when she demonstrated it during the course of talking, I practically fell over with delight.


Auricular healing

Water clears the mind.  Spinning electrons the same direction coordinates all the cells of the ear nerve endings, it harmonizes everything.  Tapping, however, is known for affirmative thoughts devoid of the rationale behind it.

An auricular treatment is for the most part temporary until the brains circuitry is washed clean of pain trauma and its pathways open permanently.    But, a person who has been reborn isn’t cured immediately.  A re-birth is simply the ‘do over’ therapy which is at the beginning of anyone’s journey to becoming healthy.  there is much work to be done.  The recovery is for the most part automatic and should be facilitated with conventional natural techniques common in this area.  Acupressure being one, and the many other approaches accessible for a rapid growth back into ‘adulthood’ to where our age reflects our maturity.


earbodyIf you meditate to stabilize and project the feeling of spiritual living by meditating, it would also be an idea to twirl your index finger clockwise encircling your ear.  this brings the body and mind also into harmony.  It is not suggesting oneself is looney, but a real practice that sets oneself with affirmative thoughts and feelings.  A happy thought is healthy.  Potentiating that using your own electromagnetic powers can support these affirmations without even thinking, or willing yourself into it.  It just happens just as the water re-birthing technique.

I was asked about the water re-birthing techniques employed by others.  My answer to that is that it is misunderstood to be a meditation practice using breathing techniques.  “Well,” said she, “you have to use the Leonard Orr’s breathing technique or it won’t work!:”   I replied, “Okay then, did it work 100 percent for you?’  You can imagine the runaround answer.

The answer to that is that when a person re-experiences an in-utero fetal position birth as an infant, there is no breathing involved.  As an adult, submerged water re-birthing requires that we breath using our mouths with a reed, snorkel, or large straw or two.  It works as I’ve experimented with straws for those who can’t afford snorkels.  The idea is that the experience should not involve conscious thought to augment a natural bodily function like breathing, counting, holding the breath and expelling it on a signal.  That is not what a newborn does.  In fact, there is a natural process by which fluid drains from the lungs while the placenta is still pumping oxygen and other required compounds supporting the newborn.

After I finished, the woman said thank you and went on her way.  I sure hope she wasn’t looking to fight for a cause based on the other water practices that have not really resulted in first and only time successes.  They rarely do.

Indeed, the twirling of the finger around the ears is also temporary.  It is because until the mind is completely rebooted ‘reset’ do these localized treatments are effective the first time with more or less permanence.  I’d like to say permanent, but the results from studies will come soon to prove or disprove the theory.

Front cover thumb

Learn more about a total mind body and spiritual healing technique by following this link:  The cure for Anorexia nervosa.  This article (book cover to be published soon is shown to the left) investigates the lost history and it’s re-discovery of a therapy that is effective and useful on all levels of mental as well as physical health.

The Treatments For All Diseases Funding Project is a great place to help, share ideas, and learn more about the progress of a year long study beginning in March 2013 and ending in April of 2014.  Feel free to get involved and help support the restoration of our world and its beautiful people.  We are all connected as siblings who already know each other.  It’s just a matter of finding our way to each other that’s important at this time.

water therapy image

Please view the youtube video: The curative treatment for all diseases.  This article is the culmination of several years of study as to what exactly water re-birthing is.  I hope that if you have someone you care about in desperate need of help, and have yet to find it, that this helps when nothing and nobody else can.  Although I cannot guarantee its effectiveness, it certainly won’t hurt to try so long as you’re careful and responsible with the therapy.  If in doubt and you need guidance, please email me for ways to overcome whatever it is you need to get well!

The toroidal field and re-birthing therapy explained



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