Renaissance therapy for healing all diseases

The cure for all ailments of the mind and body are embodied in a simple emotional freedom technique “The Renaissance Restoration Treatment” not as the cure, but the pre treatment for all other therapies to act as the cures.

This article explains how adult re-birthing restores the human being to his and her original condition of psychological balance before life traumas record their ill sentiments.  The strategy is to undo this recording.  Since re-birthing often has negative connotations or with religious practices, I rebrand the therapy practiced with non traditional methods using the original term rebirth is derived – Renaissance, with the original instructions that work.

This therapy takes no more than 30 seconds to accomplish.  It works the first time with no additional treatments necessary with the exception the traditional mainstream western therapeutic practices will now work effectively, and with the one time they are implemented.  It means that once the fundamental basic prerequisite movement, the Renaissance  Movement, is practiced, all subsequent therapies normally thought of as a life long practice need also only be practiced one time.  A subject will adopt the therapies as if second nature as all human beings without the illness or condition practice without second thoughts, or planned and scheduled.  It just happens.  A former anorexic will eat as she once did before afflicted with the mental conditions associated with the repulsion of ingesting food.



When Western Medicine is met with the correct instructions, they will fold over night

Breath-work obviously does not work for the reason new born babies are not breathing until out of the water.   Whether the womb or the swimming pool, breath-work is not taking place, therefore, that is by far the answer in the world of emotional freedom techniques involving memory set pattern recall.   The water re-birthing clinics offer one thing useful, however, and that is water yoga which is erroneously considered therapeutic as water re-birthing is thought to accomplish.  The new therapy using the actual ancient instructions will completely refresh the brain’s neural network to factory settings and facilitates an individuals capacity to fully heal.

The treatment has been hidden in plain sight all this time.  The problem is, we’ve known it, but not the instructions as to the correct way to perform a water healing.  These practices have been termed many ways, but the most common is water re-birthing.  I call the treatment “Warm Water Re-Birthing”.  Now that I feel the I’ve rediscovered what our ancestors always commonly knew, it can be reintroduced back to society freely.  I care not of revenue to enrich myself beyond my means.. all I want is to offer hope to those who get none. Otherwise, I would never have posted the answers here and in the first of a three part series (the youtube above) at all.


The therapy is swift, effective, and most of all, a loving experience devoid of trauma and repetitiveness.  Unoticed at first, over time the effects will be realized more and more.  In fact, we become free from all life’s accumulation of trauma pain in an instant and it is impossible to capture all of the differences in one sitting.  It is not a temporary relief which is the miracle.


I wish for people to utilize or continue administering contemporary methods of healing whether it’s the choice of an individual to use western medicine although I disagree with it, with the hope he or she steers towards natural healers.  I would like all to know that to succeed.. this therapy must be conducted at the start of a healing program.  If you do this simple procedure, you will find liberation from fear, anxiety, and the routine of continued therapy.  We become complacent and comfortable visiting the medical practitioner.


“I found it silly when they sprinkled water on people in church.  I recall the theatrics of water re-birthing in television and film.  To me it seemed harsh.”


I was lead along a path to discovery of the final truth about healing by virtue of divine faith.  I discovered a way to unlock the brain’s barriers that prevent one to heal on all levels.  While human beings can attain what seems to be a full recovery at a glance and on a surface using medical treatments and drugs, there is the possibility that one may relapse back to whatever disease was ‘conquered’.  What if there is a way to establish a staying point?  What if there is a way to make it permanent?

I received the gift of knowledge from a fellow research scientist, Brian Schaeffer, with a basic understanding of a particular fool proof treatment for Anorexia nervosa.  I invariably became the first person in the United States to be honored with the information and procedure of the precursor to all inclusive healing.  Where at first I assumed that it was the treatment for extreme eating disorders with Bulimia nervosa being the antithesis of anorexia, I also felt there had to be more.  In time, I solved the mystery and present what I feel is the reason how and why this therapy works.

Baptism has been part of Christianity from the start, as shown by the many mentions in the Acts of the Apostles and the Pauline epistles.  Christians consider Jesus to have instituted the sacrament of baptism.  How explicit Jesus’ intentions were and whether he envisioned a continuing, organized Church is a matter of dispute among scholars.  The truth is, water re-birthing is nature’s first step in a total miraculous healing.. it has been masked in plain sight almost as a satirical illusion – a glorified deception by the church.  This is why scholars bicker among each other.

new traumaI was realizing more about the technique as I studied it.   The answers still eluded me, however, the thought process begun to be organic and finally evolved into what has been hidden by the medical community, the secret societies in particular, for a very long time.  As I delved into studying how to perfect the treatment for anorexia with this technique in as much as showing how to perform the therapy and the administration of it, I was becoming more aware why it worked. 


Eventually, I concluded short of acceptance by the medical establishment an answer to the mystery.  In our lifetime, we will not experience this beast’s recognition, but if you are able to not accept their non-acceptance, you’ll be drawn closest with our ancestral awareness.

submerged water rebirth

Using all of my knowledge base, I settled on the fact that it was the treatment in the form of a practical therapeutic ‘pre-treatment’ effective for all psychological problems.  I felt that I arrived at a milestone and that was good enough.  This then was an all in one preliminary procedure important for the mainstay and efficacy of conventional psychological strategies that are in place today and therapeutic in nature.  Little did I realize there was vastly more.

I was astonished when I stumbled upon a new door to open.  A physically ill person called me from Sweden.

Click image above for an 8 minute explanation and overview

At first, I had no solution for his ailments.  His prognosis seemed endless.  In fact several of his diagnosis were unfamiliar.  Not knowing how to help, I was lowered into an abyss of confusion.  “Why am I unable to help?”  The answer came to me moments after.. I had the key already if only it were to be applied, I’d find out for certain.  This was remarkable.  In terms of simplicity, why not” I asked?  That door that opened was the awareness that the mind creates dysfunction by separation from the body in which the body becomes sickened.  To restore the blocked pathways, all that needed for this person was to reopen the neuronet pathways that were blocked by the continuous accumulation of self imposed trauma that would lead to further separation of the mind and body.  To reunite them was the answer.

And so this got even more strange as I realized that I held the key.  It turned out to be the precursor treatment which involved the warm water re-birthing therapy.  This emotional freedom technique is for all intensive purposes the first step in deprogramming a person influenced by mind control.  When I concluded that I had three basic areas that the therapy would address.  In other words, when I found that trauma pain clearnace resulting from the warm water re-birthing therapy not only is effective in reversing physical sickness, but that it also treats those affected by serious mind control training.   Mind control is a broad subject, however, from the self-induced to the secret CIA programs, the therapy does not differentiate the difference.  It works for everyone and to finalize the proof, I’d have to work with 8 billion people to find the one it failed.  Until then, I can’t actually prove it, but for all intensive purposes, let’s say that it does cure all.


(Skype with Klaus Dona)  “Anyhow, Klaus, I’ve found the cure.  What I mean is I’ve discovered the precursor to eternal life in a sense.  It happens to be that water therapy and I’ll explain tomorrow.  The church has hidden the correct procedure so that mad medicine can take its toll.  Anyone can have that miracle healing provided they get a ‘clear conscious’ so to speak and it only happens with the ultimate emotional freedom technique which is the in utero experience.  Although you have an interest in archaeological finds and this so happens to be a healing matter, it may not be entirely unconnected.  In other words, it may be that the mythical Holy Grail is really a water re-birthing vessel big and therefore hidden from the common sense.  I am not the expert as you, but perhaps you’ll have that vast knowledge base to instantly make a connection from your antiquities research.  If this is it, then I’ve got to have confirmation from all sectors of the research science and historical community.  Lee”

I felt that submerged water re-birthing in the fetal position that recreates the Inutero experience would merely..

1. Cure Anorexics and Bulimics.  That meant that I thought and continue to feel that  correct position water re-birthing had the  potential of healing 100%.

2. Treat those afflicted with mild to severe across the board psychological problems.

3. Effectively unlock the mind that had gone undergone mind control programs.


Little did I know there would be a fourth paradigm of thought.

woman in fetal position

I was very satisfied with this three tiered conclusion.  I set off to find funding for writing a book about this, developing a documentary as well as companion DVD for the book that demonstrates the therapy and chronicle the paths taken by people affected by the disorder and show their recoveries.

The stumbling block was finding a grant that would help support the process by which I could bring this concept to the world and begin to change lives and even save lives.

I finally found one foundation that offered a $400,000 grant to study Anorexia nervosa and I was ecstatic, but floored when I could not complete the application process.  for you see, the dead line was that day, Valentines day 2013!  How convent.  I felt powerless.  I replied in an email to the foundation’s director and in a sentence I buried in it I said, “It’s unfortunate, but I’m working on God’s time line and itinerary, not mine!”.  Perhaps there’s more to this than met my eye and that I’m not completely ready.  I’m still waiting to see.


My blathering letter & begging on my knees..

“Hi Lee – we only review applications that deal with the underlying biology of eating disorders. Each applicant must be faculty at an academic or medical institution – I know you have seen the guidelines. If your project can fit the guidelines and you can get the requisite department chair letter, etc., then by all means submit an application by the Noon deadline tomorrow. Best, gay”

“Gay, I want to thank you for being kind to me with the very fast replies and answers to my questions, Gay. Last night an event occurred that is absolutely prolific. I was on international calls confirming what I had found and what I got was a positive impromptu peer review green lighted all the way. What I discovered was the absolute perfect treatment for extreme eating disorders, however, it is much more than that. It is a profound find involving a total restructuring of the brain.   It does involve biological research which is one of the requirements, however, I need time to fulfill the sponsor aspect and what others need to be in place. I would like to ask for a personal extension so that I can do this next week.

If this is a foundation that is dispersing this money for truly authentic altruistic intent, then I would be pleased if we could make an arrangement. I wish this happened in time for me to apply properly and on time, but as the way things go, my mind works on God’s schedule, not mine.

The most astonishing experience just happened to me at a conference in Phoenix end of this February 2013.  I overheard a group of people talking about a cure for all diseases.  I was excited.. they stumbled into my site and read my synopsis of the treatment for all diseases!  I shot up from the dinner table and asked if I could join in saying I overheard the good news.  I then asked what it was they were talking about.  They said that the treatment is by drinking their own urine “Urophagia“.  Oye vey.. here we go again I said to myself.  “Would you like to learn an easier softer way?”, I asked.  “We love it!”  was essentially what they all said in unison.  I had to walk away for there is no way I could have explained myself and show what the real treatment for all diseases is.  They actually edged me out and I could not even explain that I am to share this in a presentation as a speaker at this convention.

If you say “sorry” then I know for a fact that this is big industry based. If this is for people, then I know the foundation is genuinely trying to find the right solution. Remember, youngsters are dying sickening deaths and parents are destroyed from this… Lee:)

The magnitude of the discovery is that I stumbled into Big Medica’s most guarded secret.  It is so feared that someone will realize it (I don’t know this yet, but I imagine it so) that heads will roll.  Up until this point I felt that one of the big secrets which I wanted to think was the the story of the Rockefellers and how they blocked the gold cure for addiction and disease.  I really thought I’d done allopathic science in a couple years ago.  Now I very much think so with this.


I believe I have found the procedure that is the precursor to the cure for all diseases.

I received a call from a man living in Sweden.  This person asked about one particular health problem regarding cataracts.  We spent about an hour on the phone.  At the end of the call I asked that he send an email so that I could log him into my contacts.  I received from him an email in which he accounted for his health condition.  It turns out that he had succumbed to a deplorable state of being in which his entire body and soul, he felt, was shutting down.  He mentioned that our discussion of cataracts was the least of his problems.  This was excruciatingly understated.  I was in a state of shock for both he and myself because in my case I felt I could address anyone’s health problems.  In this case I felt there was absolutely nothing I could do to restore him to original condition.  I was sure I could help in some ways to ease the suffering just so that he wouldn’t perish miserably.  My ego, pride and sense of self was in question.  Who the hell was I really?  I’m supposed to help people.. not let them slip away.

brain-switch off science library1I had to take some action and so I began an email to him with a protocol on what to do.  I figured I’d go back to basics by describing how others had recovered from grave illnesses.  I went through my itinerary of education to see what my master teachers would have done.  In this situation, I had to lump all of their minds into one processing unit.  This person had a multitude of conditions many I had never heard of and those that I did, but not truly understood nor bothered with.  I felt that when the time came that I’d tackle those problems.. I had enough understanding of the healing arts to do it, or so I thought.  I did know one thing, however, that there was a near complete disconnect between his brain and the rest of this man’s body.  I started there.   How do you reconnect the system?

And then it came to me!

I could not believe what had happened because at first I knew not of what to do.  The answer was with the rebirthing technique and I’ll explain why.  His whole neural network had shut down because of the memory of trauma overtaking his brain’s capacity to communicate.  And like a viral explosion his brain had become over written. And continues to be invaded internally as the ‘virus’ spreads.  No signal could be sent from any cell or cluster of cells unless stimulated by something, acupuncture or otherwise.  His brain literally needed to be switched off and then back on.


To tell the story I must first show how the link availed me

Who am I?  As of late, I am a conspiracy hunter, analyst, and methodologist.  What I really am is a specialized engineer.  I back trace and reverse engineer problems and solve them.  In the beginning, I had searched high and low for my own treatment for eating disorder.  It evolved into the research into health and nutrition which returned to me a book I self published which is a compilation of almost everything I had experienced and learned.  And then I ventured into the darkened realm of the NWO.  I am currently a conspiracy finder in which I see what has not become evident in the awareness’s of those talking about that which is already been talked about, whistle blown, and come as off shoots of the mainstream underground findings.  I see what can’t be understood by the average person outside the circles of knowledge held by the top echelon Elites.  And even beyond them I suppose.

Kun Liu 5I had a recent interest in learning Chinese Acupuncture.  I went to the school where my friend, Mary, was attending who had encouraged me in the first place to apply.  There, I met a Chinese professor, Dr. Kun Liu, and befriended her.  She asked that I sit in on a special class in which a very specialized acupuncture ‘thought line’ and technique she learned from her master teachers would be taught and demonstrated.  I picked it up fairly easily and was grateful for her wisdom.  This took me to a point where I wanted to study auricular therapy, which is ear acupuncture, because I had known of its use with addiction therapy.

I got to work.  The first place where I sometimes begin is youtube for the reason in this case I can view demonstrations of the procedures and techniques as well as find who’s who in the field and then contact them personally.  I have a variety of research methodologies and thank goodness for youtube!  One in particular caught my interest because it was a 45 minute presentation rather than a minute or two log line of auricular therapy.  A simple analogy conveyed by Dr. Ron Hunninghake made in this video held the clue that lead me to the key.

In this video, Dr. Hunninghake of the Riordin Clinic in Wichita, Kansas, made a very simple analogy using computers to explain how acupuncture works.  In this case he describes the ear as a keyboard that when the buttons are pressed, the computer, which would be the brain, would receive a signal that another part of the body needs to be communicated with.  Because the brain for some reason is disconnected with that region of the body, a simple bypass switch located at an acupuncture point could be pressed in order to send the signal to the CPU when the main pathway is blocked.

It was as simple as that.  Acupuncture then to me is simply a localized method of stimulation.  If the whole of the body is disconnected, it would be senseless to stick a zillion pins in the body all at once, or over a lifetime to get all the parts, cells, glands, organs and so on jump started.  by the time one pathway is open the potential for it closing again while getting the other buttons on the keyboard depressed was the problem.  The answer came to me.  The problem was at the brain and that the pathway had to be cleared permanently.  There had to be an easier way, but how?


Could underwater (or submerged) Inutero experience re-brithing therapy help?

“Hey, So what I was really trying to convey was the fact that I found something they have hidden in plain sight all this time. They know that if people knew how to be completely healed physically and mentally and also evict evil spirits, that they would administer a water rebirth first thing as a way to avert maintaining a home for evil spirits under the influence of possession, etc. It is the only way to get rid of the evil thoughts, pain of torture, indoctrinated mind control thought, any thing that these witches & magicians insert into the human mind and body is eradicated by re-birthing using submergence under water having formed from a fetal position that really is the kinesiology emf circuit in which all that was recorded into the DNA of the brain cells are erased… the brain restored to factory “God” condition, or setting if one relates this to a computer refreshment. This leads me to believe that the magicians (pope) never would ever undergo the practice of re-birthing. It’s because they want to install evil into themselves for keeps. How do you like them apples? Steph, I think I found their deepest darkest secret with regard to their religious themes and practices. I also found how to fight the new world order.. you get them all paralyzed into a fetal position & submerge them. I found the damn solution that everyone’s looking for by golly… you’d think they would be hunting me down.”   Lee

Well sure it could!  To explain, I must illustrate the method by which the pain of traumas are expunged.  Firstly, the idea behind re-birthing is to recreate the traumaless experience before the first birthing problem when at birth occurs.  From there the brain is reset.  It now has the ability to take in clean ‘software’, or pleasant memories in the form of normal life experiences without the encumbrances of traumas.  Whatever life issues are happening to the person in adulthood are easily navigable in the sense that there are no psychological blocks impeding that persons movement through them.   This would be where conventional therapies are needed – if at all.

At the time, I was satisfied knowing only that it works.  I had not yet known why, but had that desire to eventually find an answer.  I did.  In the world of kinesiology and emotional freedom techniques I knew that, just like acupressure, blockages in the meridian pathways can be cleared.  I knew that emotional fears and phobias have memories of experiences that reside in organ tissue and that they can be removed allowing the release of the memorable pain regarding the tissues and not our conscious memories.  The memory of pain at the time of an injury residing at the site of injury can be erased as well.  All these things, as misunderstood as they can be to the skeptic, are real.  Once these memories are gone, a complete healing of the injury, or of the psych and so on can take place as if a dam has been removed and the water flow freely.

And there it was.  I now knew that what happens during a water birth is that the myriad of memories embedded in the matrix of the DNA of each and every memory aspect (or more) of the brain cells are taken away.  This happens all at once with one single therapeutic experience.  Sorry Rockefellers.

From this point once the brain has ‘rebooted’ from scratch in a factory ‘out of the box’ condition can the brain freely communicate with the body in order to begin and continue healing.. everything.


I had known that water healing was the ‘flagship’ emotional freedom technique, but I just didn’t see the end until now.

It was clear to me that this was the single easiest and most likely the real ‘flag ship’ kinesiology movement, EFT technique, and therapy known to ancient people who practiced it for everything; exorcisms of evil spirits, indoctrination, traumatic experiences, routine psychological cleansings, the start of a health protocol.. you name it.

I was stunned for I solved the problem relating to this man’s dilemma in Sweden.  For people who have had a complete brain disconnect they can now benefit from water re-birthing as long as it is as close to the in utero experience and where the body conforms to its gestation position just before birth.  This is the fetal position which completes an EMF (electromagnetic field) and it is our first memory with a surrogate host.



6th-Century-Genevan-Baptismal-FontThe profound issue is that Big Medicine is at stake.  This may be its greatest secret and the most guarded.  Even more dangerous than that is the fact that this may be the Vatican’s greatest secret on its higher levels.

Could the reason not to bathe in European aristocratic circles mean that the practice of Satin worship correlate to the fear of having the mind and body restored to original (sin??) conditions of birth?  A pure innocent mere human mortal not worthy of occult?  There is a reason why Baptisms are not depicted correctly.  The truth must not be known.

It could even be more feared for the reason practitioners of evil within the cult ritualism and Satan worshiping would never want to be deprogrammed.  Do they have an epic fear of water re-birthing themselves?


Perhaps this is our greatest weapon against those that practice the occult..


If baptisms are performed correctly, which would obviously be as the method I have described in curing Anorexia nervosa, then it was their intent to bastardize the process.  Sprinkling water on the forehead and rudimentary water plunges do not work to convert people.  In days of old, it may be assumed that if the magicians and evil practitioners of deceit hiding out in the church posing as the clergy used water re-birthing ‘Baptisms’, what they were really doing was installing bad scripts that are encoded into the subject being re-birthed.  In the computer world that means placing a virus into the CPU (brain).  This then would keep the person as an indoctrinate into that system of deception.  How rude.



About Valeria Levitin

I was hopeful, certain really, that Valeria Levitin would contact me from Russia.  As of today, I have not heard from her.  I even queried RT (Russia Today Television Network) to pass the information on to her.  Haven’t heard from them.  Since the final realization the treatment is systemic, meaning it treats the body mind and spirit, from my original thought that it was only for psychological issues with stemming from the treatment for anorexia, I put her in because she is a notable sufferer.  I felt that the 9 minute video would be part one of three parts.  Part 2 and 3 would be the interviews and the results after a year of follow ups throughout the year of progress.  I wanted to save her life and she could very well be dead now.  I cried for days searching for her contact info wanting to help.  I just hope I’m in time and that she does try it.  If there is a successful result Cathy, she is so well known that the miracle would spread to as many suffers around the world as can spread.  That’s my objective.



Comment by G Rai

“Hi, I was very intrigued after reading about Anorexia being cured by warm water rebirthing.  I was wondering whether you’d healed a condition called Body Dymorphic Disorder (BDD) before? I believe it’s a ‘cousin’ of Anorexia.  Where the anorexic is slim but sees a fat person in the mirror the BDD sufferer is normal looking yet sees a hideous reflection.  It seems you believe one 20 minute session is all that’s required?  Also, where can I receive this treatment? Sorry, I couldn’t make this part out clearly from your website. I’m based in England.  You mentioned an Australian naturopath?  Regards, G Rai”

Hello G. Rai,  I’m very happy that you’ve reached back for help with this particular disorder. And yes the treatment is actually for this specific problem because if an anorexic is disillusioned with her body image, so too are they healed from the companion disorder Body Dysmorphic Disorder.  I won’t ask if you are one to be suffering from this or any problem, but I want you to know that this emotional freedom technique (EFT) solution, the fetal position in aqua submergence, is the key to wiping all mental blocks we’ll call it for simplification. This is why Christ was considered a miracle worker because it is a ‘fix all’. The truth is, he was taught this by his teachers who had the actual instructions that I simply re discovered. I didn’t make it up.. incidentally, please refuse, as I do, all these exotic scientific names they give for medical and psychological conditions. So trite and so clinical. Consider anything that is a psychological issue simply “a closed neuro-pathway with a ‘viral’ trauma pain memory’ locked inside”.


Think of this as an obnoxious animal meowing loudly in an accidental entrapment in a closet to get out. Until you let her out, she’ll keep meowing until she dies. We don’t want to go their, so let’s open that door and let the trauma of the experience flee from our mind body and souls:) This is the best I can explain it outside being so technical like I was in my youtube explanation.Also, this is immediate. It is as immediate for as long as you can comfortably hold your breath under water while in a very relaxed pleasant state of inward meditation. You don’t even need to be under for more than that. I just didn’t say it for the reason people think this is too ridiculous as it is. Jesus and those he healed didn’t think so. I’m Jewish by the way, so don’t think that I’m a born again! I just like being human by practicing a conscious contact with the universal God and all that good stuff:)


Go back to before any event happened to you when you were a child. Do you remember the feeling, even if it was just a fleeting moment, where life was bliss and that you liked yourself.. just a little? A time when you didn’t think about your body parts negatively? Well, if you do, then I have wonderful news for you. You do this thing (swimming is a no brainer so why not try?) and you’ll be restored to that time. This is a do-over and this is something you can do anytime you want to be an original self. You’ll wonder, “hey, why did I go this long thinking that way??”. You will have forgotten everything about the condition and the feelings of self-loathing. I’m serious. If not, then you just didn’t have enough faith. You won’t notice the difference right away.. it takes time to experience and feel the effects because it is not until the triggers happen that you realize things are different. For example, if there is someone you see one time a year on a certain day that causes you to not like your nose, for example, you won’t know there’s a change until 365 days later. Kind of like that.


There is no clinic.. yet. I’m waiting for a grant. And, Brian has gone “off the grid” and won’t be in contact with anyone for a spell. He’s like that. 4 years ago when I learned the treatment from him, he had healed almost 100 people with extreme eating problems. By now, he’s helped hundreds more. The first 100 is most likely considered 100 percent success which I validate in my opinion as being a 100 percent cure. It means those women did not relapse into their disease. When you become positive about yourself or the person you’re concerned about, great leaps over invisible boundaries will have been lifted and rainbows will be revealed!!

So, talk to me.. let me help you through this.. Lee!


Reader comments:

Lee,  Many thanks for your detailed explanation. I understand what you say & am keen to give this a shot.  I’ve pretty much tried everything else out there without success. But if you’re saying this cured the body image distortion in anorexics then I have to try.  I just tried calling you but got voicemail. When’s a good time to speak tomorrow? I’m based in England so not sure which time zone you’re in.  Regards,  G Rai
Yes G..
Always know that we once were pure with good feelings about ourselves. This was when we experienced our universe within the wound and before bad things happened to us. The mind re-experiences it.. simply a fraction of a second really is what it takes. This is how EFT works, but it works when we are confirmed and determined without the life long feelings of not being sure, skepticism, or other people causing us to think twice. We think of this as faith healing because it is what they say it is.. I believe it because I too have experienced it.. so I can safely say it’s true. But, even then if there’s doubt, just trying something is all it takes.
When I used traditional EFT tapping to overcome fear, it worked although I was sort of skeptical. The following day I felt it had worked. And, over time, it gets even stronger and stronger!! It’s because afterwards, the people, places and things you meet see and do, you’ll realize it had all worked the moment it was performed:)Do you remember a time you could look in the mirror without feeling as you do today? Sure you do. Think about that time when you have someone cradle you for the moment you’re under water. Swim and float around early in the morning or do it at sunset when you can place candles, flowers, and things around the pool’s edge that make you feel good.. even your art and just objects of desire that you look forward to. Pictures of people you adore and, well, just have fun with this! It’s not supposed to be a clinic with white smocked unidentifiable doctors and the smell of antiseptics with no view of nature. Birthing is supposed to be in a ‘Garden of Eden’.. so beautiful and safe. You can even burn cedar sage or even insense to clear the air and area of bad spirits. If you are possessed with one, you can have a specialist feather dust, or smudge, you with burning sage and cedar.
Just so many things you can do to make this a special and memorable event in your life. When you’re relaxed and enjoying just being in the water in which you’re diving under practicing holding your breath and being in that ‘universe’, smelling the incense if you’re burning any, sit on the pool steps and become silent placing yourself at peace. Then have your friend support you so that you don’t drop to the pool floor and when you’re ready, tap their arm to let them know you’re ready! And then allow yourself to be embraced as a mother would for her newborn. Male or female isn’t important.. feeling no trauma in the safety with another person is. You’re life will be restored. Many blessings.. and don’t wait, every second of life is so worth it whether you feel it now or not.You may even video tape the experience so that I may be a part of your rebirth as well as be a part of a study. There’s a number of us who need to start living!! My study will help me with obtaining a substantial grant so that I can save lives world wide. Thank you so much.. Lee
So, go to it!  When the ocean you’re nearby is just right, do it there.  I’d do it now, but you’ve waiting so long I don’t see why waiting for spring or summer would hurt.  All it is is the fetal position totally submerged for a few.   You don’t have to think it perfect.  It’s the instantaneous memory recall the body is subjected to that does the trick.  It’s as simple as that.  It’s why no how many wadded up balls of written memories get thrown away and the hours working it out with a therapist helps nothing.  You can’t think it through with regression.. it must be done the way Jesus taught people the correct way.  The instructions were purposely falsified by the church and is why the antiquities paintings are all wrong.. artisans were instructed as how to bastardize the re-birthing process.  My opinion, but I think I’m right.

“hi leebo…..

omgosh….where to begin on this… i just watched your youtube vid on the rebirthing / resetting……..

i was amazed because this information comes to me only a few days after having listened to a program on coast to coast (can’t recall the guest’s name at this moment) where they were talking about pain trauma storage and neural pathways and etc….pretty much exactly what your video is about……

the only difference is that i do not recall him ever talking about water and rebirthing as a means to resolve.  i also didn’t listen to the entire program…but, he did mention something about writing down all the shit that makes you angry, in short sentences, and then wadding it up and throwing it in the trash.  there was more, but like i said, this one segment i DID catch…….

i would imagine that re-birthing in water technique is GALAXIES more effective than anything this guy had to say…..but….he at least was on the path concerning the trapped bits of data in storage……

just like a friggin’ computer……wow…..

this is a strange thing…and i am quite positive that this works wonders…i can’t prove it and i don’t know a thing about it, lets just call it deep instinct…..i know this is very good sauce.

i’m telling you right now that i have at least 3 people i’m going to send this to because i think they will be interested in knowing more about this.  i haven’t gone to the veritascures site yet….but i’ll check that out later too. cool…..thanks for sending me that…..


A companion article is Cure for mind control starts with a simple treatment

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