The natural cure for cataracts

ImageThe blood of a tree contains medicine that, if you wonder why chaga mushrooms, for instance have healing properties, the explanation is is clear when an understanding as to what it absorbs from its tap into the circulatory system of the tree. If the mushroom derives its healing power from the sap that feeds the bark, then it must be important to human health. Its pine cones yield a nut that supports pineal gland health. All nuts support an aspect of the brain by supporting specific regions of the brain.

An example is the pecan and walnut. These two appear similar “Doctrine of Signatures or Law of Similarities” where a food, herb, or root, etc looks like and does potentiate the tissue it represents.

They closely resemble the two hemispheres and the shell acts like the bony brain case of the skull. The pine nut looks exactly like the pineal gland as does the almond and apricot kernel looks like and supports the amygdala.

(Above) Chaga mushrooms can be found growing along trunks of birch trees whose root systems penetrate deep into the earth in search of vital minerals. They empty into the mushroom that parasitically feasts on the tree’s nutrients. Chaga has long been considered a potent health elixir and tea made from it is believed to boost the immune system. Chaga is rich in a substance it derives from its host birch tree, Betulinic Acid, which manifests powerful anti viral properties and to help fight off tumors.

In fact these two have high concentrations of amygdalyn, or vitamin B-17 (extracted and refined is called laetrile) which keeps cancer under control. The pine needles are so dense with ascorbic acid you can taste it distinctly when chewing on just two or three pine needles. It’s enough quality vitamin C to support a days dose of 500 to 1000mg when compared to an expensive supplement. It can be deduced that the pine tree is a complete pharmacy.

What else is the pine tree used for?

Pine Sol was in fact the solvent compound extracted from the parts of the pine tree in a steam extraction process yielded pine oil. This oil was used in Clorox’s cleaning product Pine sol. This is what is described in Wikipedia, but the name pine sol is short for pine solvent. The sap that resulted from the paper pulp and manufacturing of paper from the paper mills is this solvent when processed. It was refined and concentrated into what was known as di-methyl sulfoxide, or DMSO, and also called turpentine in a crude form for use as a paint solvent.

Turp is medicinal, but DMSO much more safe to use. Pine oil and the solvent from the evergreen tree arrested and reversed arthritis in people, mostly women, who used this cleaner. In its lubrication form, it was used for mechanical devices in offices and at home. And then, John D. Rockefeller had to put a stop to this controller of disease by selling petroleum based solvents at a very cheap and readily available price to the manufacturer of Pine Sol.

So, how does this treat cataracts?


One drop of 100 percent DMSO in each eye, will dissolve cellular waste and mineral buildup that is continuing to accumulate within the sac of the crystalline lens of the eye. After the first application if done in the morning and one at at noon or early afternoon, you may close your eyelids and lightly massage them with enough pressure to begin breaking up the mass of cells and minerals that have clouded the lens. One does not need to rub the eyes with extra force as it is about the movement of tissue that is important. It may be wise to drop pure saline onto the eye so that any dust, or if they are dry from the DMSO, that the rubbing action won’t scratch the very thin layer of protective membrane tissue, a mere 10 cells thick, that covers the cornea. The solvent heals other macular problems that may be present. In a short period of time but depending on the severity of the mineral buildup (from barely detectable to obviously shrouded in white) the body will have absorbed the broken down sludge of minerals back into the system.

Fuchs’ dystrophy

Fuchs’ dystrophy, or endothelial dystrophy, is a slowly progressing corneal disease that usually affects both eyes of people in their 50’s and 60’s and is slightly more common in women than in men. Fuchs’ is characterized by a thickening of the Descemet’s membrane, leading to corneal edema (over saturated tissue with fluid) and loss of vision. Medical management includes hypertonic saline and the use of a hairdryer to dehydrate the cornea. In using a hairdryer, the patient is instructed to dry out the epithelial blisters up to three times a day. Corneal transplantation, or penetrating keratoplasty is Medica’s recommended treatment.

A hair dryer? DMSO, like alcohol, replaces the water with sulpher, thus drying the tissue that has progressed to Edema while at the same time healing it. Therefore, without finding any references anywhere as to whether the solvent has been used to treat Fuchs’ disease, I would think it would positively treat the condition. It is possible Fuchs’ is listed in either Bruce Halstead’s book on DMSO or Dr. Walker’s. I’ll have to look into it. Since it is a disease of the eye and studies were conducted on cateract groups, all diseases had to be considered for volunteers submitting themselves to the study.

DMSO cautionary advice

One of DMSO’s trademark notables is that it is a deep tissue penetrator. When it comes into contact with skin, it progresses deeply into the system while also carrying with it anything that it comes into contact with. You can deliver vitamin C and E oil among other skin remedies more effectively into the skin when it is dissolved with the solvent. Its ability to drive healing agents also does the same with chemicals that may be detrimental to health. For instance, if you apply it topically to the skin and then cover it with colorful clothing, it will take some of the dye with it into the body. For this reason it is important that the application of DMSO is done without covering it with bandages or band aids with adhesive strips, etc. It should be air dried.

Do not administer DMSO eye drops if eyeliner and mascara has been applied

DMSO will carry the makeup into the subdermal skin and finally the blood stream. It is important to observe what topical creams or what chemicals one may have been in contact before applying the drops. If you just sprayed for bugs using insecticide, you may have toxic residue on your fingers that can be delivered into the tear ducts of the eye. Please be careful.


Back story using dear old dad as an example

Cataracts are the leading cause of visual loss among adults 55 and older. Eye injuries, certain medications, and diseases such as diabetes and alcoholism have also been known to cause cataracts.

The industry claims that cataract removal is one of the most common operations performed in the U.S. today and that it is also one of the safest and most effective. Their studies show that In about 90 percent of cases, people who have cataract surgery have better vision afterward. Obviously this is true with respect to the veiled cloudiness from the curtain of cataracts, but there is no claim made that the visual acuity is better than mother natures original crystalline lens. Many people require corrective lenses which presents a problem with the claim that not all people recover. That 10 percent may have had a chance by using the natural therapy using DMSO.

A cataract is a clouding of the natural lens, the part of the eye responsible for focusing light and producing clear, sharp images. The lens is contained in a sealed bag or capsule. As old cells die they become trapped within the capsule. Over time, the cells accumulate causing the lens to cloud, making images look blurred or fuzzy. For most people, cataracts are a natural result of aging. You can understand why then it is not the lens that needs to be replaced, but the container that needs to be flushed of unwanted waste material.

ImageMy father was diagnosed by his ophthalmologist as having barely detectable buildup of cellular and mineral deposits in both eyes. One was more advanced than the other, but both unnoticeable. He recommended to my father that the issue with the one eye be addressed using cataract surgery. Cataract procedure as you know is the replacement of the eye’s lens with a rigid plastic replacement in which corrective lenses are still required for reading in most cases.Healing the eye on the other hand saves the organ tissue by restoring it to its original natural condition for use until we are deceased.


When he told me about his appointment to have the procedure done, I insisted that he consider the alternative approach to mad science. It took some doing, but in the end he consigned himself to try. Now, I knew he would default and run away to his appointment and I had to think logically on how to keep him under my wing. I copied page 67 from Dr. Morton Walker’s book “DMSO-Nature’s Healer” and delivered it to the office manager of Dr. Sheldon Deal, a naturopath here in Tucson so that my father would be comfortable with a second opinion other than mine. Sheldon’s approach to reversing cataracts is more involved in which he uses magnet and herbal therapy that works its wonders as well, but the DMSO solvent is the most direct approach to dissolving cataracts. Incidentally, both Sheldon’s treatment used in conjunction with the solvent is even better.


(Interview) Morton Walker, D.P.M. is a doctor of podiatric medicine and has treated patients for 17 years. However he stopped seeing patients decades ago, so he could spend full time investigating the claims and discoveries in alternative medicine and reporting what he found. He has published 81 books – and about 3,000 articles – on all aspects of alternative medicine. He has no connection to any of the doctors or clinics he writes about, and he has no financial interest in any supplement company. That leaves him free to “speak my mind”.

My father, at great pains and under his breath making references to voodoo medicine, actually made the appointment to visit the doctor for the second opinion other than mine on administering DMSO, but something awful happened.. Sheldon Deal refused to consider and recommend the treatment I prescribed and instead did what doctors do. Yes, this even in the field of natural medicine where if there is money to be made on top of the visit, it shall be done. Sheldon sold special magnets and herbs to treat my dad his usual way. I was very disappointed. Dr. Morton Walker went to great lengths to show in his book that a study of over 200 people reversed even the worst cataract issues more easily and softly than the invasive practices used by modern medicine by using DMSO drops directly to the eye ball. Just like using Visine, this is as simple as removing the redness of the sclera (white part) by constricting the veins that disallow blood flow to the corneal tissue. Visine differs from DMSO in that it is visorestrictive and detrimental to eye health whereas dimethylsulfoxide heals systemically without any side effects other than foul breath if taken internally or intravenously. Topically, DMSO has no effect other than a warm to high heat sensation depending on its concentration

As luck had it, there was a welcoming coincidence that happened at the same time. I followed up with a call to my dad to find out how his appointment made out with Dr. Deal. Dr. Morton Walker just so happened was scheduled that morning with Patrick Timpone of to talk specifically about the solvent! Rare and unusual, it did happen in February of 2012. “How coincidental was that” I thought and had to act again, and mighty fast, to get my father to listen to the show.


I knew two things of certainty.. 1) my father is computer illiterate and to get him to hone into the show was a million to one chance, and 2) Dr. Walker would not address DMSO and cataracts unless someone called into the show to ask the special question regarding eye health. For my father to buy the argument, both these would have to be met for my father to get validating information that surgery could be averted for tree sap. So, now this become a two million to one shot mission in order to convince my dad, on air and with a high order authoritarian on natural cataract treatment, to work.

Listen to Patrick’s interview with Dr. Morton Walker with the call in question about the efficacy and administration of DMSO for natural cataract treatment here

You see, my father requires the trust from professionals other than myself for lack of trust. He never did nor ever acknowledges that I serve a purpose.. and I mean that. In fact not more then a month and a half ago, he told me that I was a disappointment and always had been. That rolled me into oblivion. I’m all right now because I’m focused on saving the lives of anorexics on the verge of dying with the cure posted on August 1st. And, I’m alive despite wanting to just die over that comment.

Back to the mission.. the miracle did happen in so far as after sweating over the phone getting him to log on to the show, which takes but a minute or two, took over 45 minutes with him. But, it was in the nick of time for my dad to listen from the beginning of Patrick’s show for him to hear the introduction and bio. This was important in which the credentials of the doctor would be noted. He’d authored over 80 books on health and nutrition and always reminds listeners of this accomplishment. I wanted dear old dad to know this.

As predicted, the internet show host and the conversation went by way of DMSO and cancer. By luck, I was the first caller answered by the producer. I asked Dr. Walker how DMSO heals cataracts.

Phase 1 of Mission Impossible accomplished

The answer that came out startled me into paralysis again. He had forgotten the study. Simply dropping one or two drops of pure DMSO onto the eye is as easy as using Visine.

The plot thickens

Dr. Walker dove into and swam a whole lake of information on how one should go about obtaining a specific formula formulated to specific proportions of the solvent to other ingredients, and that one had to make a personal call to a certain someone, but without giving out the phone number. That was tragic as my father needs everything delivered on a silver platter. Now, for my dad to have to do anything else is far too much for him. He would, like most people sequestered into the paradigm of convenience shopping, told me afterwards that he would rather “let them cut the f___g thing out and be done with it”. He yelled and argued as we discussed this. That’s how he is. I have to love him though because people tell me to. I can’t stand his immature attitude, but he does support me when other never do, and so I try to give back no matter what.

My dad would ultimately have both eyes repaired by Mad Medica.

But before the radio show was over there was still a chance with my father if I called back. Oneradionetwork was experiencing phone problems in which I couldn’t have cleared it up on the first call. Patrick did answer again and I got to redirect Dr. Morton to what he had written in his book. I mentioned that on page 67 of DMSO-Nature’s Healer that he had authored that there was a study conducted with over 200 people in a cataract test group with varying degrees of cataracts from mild to severe. The trial was successful. But, Dr. Morton continued to complicate it for my simple minded and very stubborn father. I prayed that he was still listening to the live program.


Formula and dosage

The study conducted using pure uncut DMSO solvent may be adjusted to making a formula blend that is fifty percent DMSO and fifty percent saline solution. You can make your own saline solution by following directions on the internet on how to do so, or purchase saline from your local drug store. This will reduce the uncomfortable sensation and its drying effect on your tears. DMSO is a solvent like alcohol in which it too replaces water.

Fill a sterilized medicine dropper bottle with your solution and apply a drop or two in the affected eye. Keep facing the heavens with the eye lids closed so that the solvent does not empty into the tear ducts so fast. Blinking flushes tears ‘down the drain’, so try to be patient for a couple of minutes. A lounge chair is helpful. If you want to make sure an undiagnosed cataract is treated, apply to that eye for a couple of days while continuing with the cataract until clarity in vision is attained. See your ophthalmologist before and after your treatment for advice as well as to check whether all of the cataract has been eliminated. If that practitioner opposes DMSO, keep trying until you find one that is willing to support you. This frees me up from issues with the AMA. I can assure you that if done properly, you will have positive results. If you are ultra sensitive to the 50 50 blend, try a 25 percent ratio. If nothing works, perhaps MSM (methyl sulfonyl methane), a derivative of DMSO, can be added to your juice and consumed rather than applied. MSM will take longer, but should return some noticeable results.

Label this bottle and label a second dropper bottle as saline solution in case the eyes do feel uncomfortably dry for use to keep them moist and lubricated. The effect of the DMSO is temporary, but if you feel a problem with it arises, discontinue its use.


A question comes to me from Irene, a visitor to Veritascures:

Hi Irene,

“What are the experiences of using dmso against cataract? I must ask to be sure is it really used undiluted? I have only read it at Dr. Walker’s book about it, Because the eyes are so sensitive and special place I need to know little bit more about this before I start. Could you please give me some more information? -Irene

Apparently a study had been done where 100 percent strength was used with test subjects in which the results were very favorable. I’ll bet that many suffered though as you can imagine.. that stuff’s hot! Especially ‘there’. And it’ll dry the tear ducts and everything else. My suggestion is to start off with a 30/70 percent split and work your way up as comfort tells you. Don’t be afraid of the stuff because if it was dangerous, the feds would have outlawed it when it first appeared on the market for the reason it does solve many health issues and can’t be patentable. So, they highly regulated it and that’s all they could do.

Since DMSO is natural, there’s no way it can hurt. But, like anything, if we over consume something or over use a creme… whatever it is, it will either lose it’s effectiveness, the body will depend on it, or the tissue as is in the case of DMSO will look like a prune. You get the picture I’m sure. So, the way to make your solution is to buy or make your self some saline and you can easily google it to find out. Takes a second and to make it is simple simon. Then, you take your medicine dropper and squeeze one whole dropper full (not just a drop, but fill the dropper thingy just by pinching the rubber part once. Like a turkey baster. Fill your bottle three times with DMSO. Then, do the same with the saline 7 times. That’s 30 percent DMSO with 70 percent of saline. Administer this three times a day after a meal.. find a place to relax, lie down and put a drop or two in each eye and keep your lids shut. No blinking because that flushes the solution into the drainage ducts too quickly. You may do this once, or you may wait 10 minutes and apply again. I recommend not over doing it. Depending on your body, the severity of the accumulations that need to dissolve, and your maintenance determines the effectiveness of the process. Be patient.

When you want to add strength, simply add one dropper full to the bottle with DMSO. Don’t worry about the drop or two difference. We’re not being rocket scientists for this project.. we’re simply trying to get used to the higher dosage. But, here’s the thing.. you’re going to use saline anyway to keep your eyes from drying out after the application when the DMSO has absorbed and or went down the drainage ducts. Incidentally, your eyes over all will improve health-wise if there is any other issue.

One last thing before I put you to sleep.. the capsaicin in chili peppers makes our eyes tear up like crazy. And yet, the stuff burns without killing the eye, otherwise, we’d hear stories. DMSO has that burning sensation, but it also has a dulling effect. Stings, then is easy on the eye. The difference between chili and DMSO is that DMSO doesn’t irritate the eye to tear up like a pepper does. So, keep that saline around. I recommended to my father to find a Visine container and use it instead of a dropper bottle. No chance of spilling that way.

The study Dr. Walker published used pure compound with no indication of what happened to people.  I recommend diluting DMSO in solution so that your recovery is pleasant.  This isn’t a race.  It will have an effect which means that the treatment won’t make anything worse regarding the cataract.  If you experience something that doesn’t feel right, then talk to your medical practitioner again for a solution to the treatment.  Remember, I am only a researcher who can offer suggestions that you can take to who you believe is aware of DMSO and its efficacy before it is administered.



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