Save your appendix from surgery

Below are words of wisdom from a Chinese medicine person

Your appendix is a very specialized organ with a very important job. It’s there to disinfect your colon. If you lose it due to a surgical procedure, you then must endure a life long issue with digestive tract issues.

“Greetings everyone!.. I am writing to discuss my experience with appendicitis and how I cured myself without having to resort to surgery. I am also willing to answer any legitimate questions regarding acupuncture and Oriental medicine in general as I believe educating as many people about the benefits of this ancient art will be helpful to all. I also wish to avoid any ridiculous political discussions regarding the effectiveness of acupuncture versus western medicine. I am a recent graduate of the Pacific College of Oriental Medicine, receiving a Masters degree in Traditional Oriental Medicine… soon I will be opening a practice in Southern New Mexico. I am an experienced acupuncturist, herbologist, massage therapist, and I teach chi gong, “Chinese yoga”, at a cancer rehabilitation resource group as well as a drug addiction rehabilitation program. I am a Taoist and I have a BA in Asian history.”Xiaogoushi

I think most people who read Dismantle The Beam Project would not need to be reschooled in the fact that the appendix does have a function. The product secreted by the appendix is both a cache of stored probiotics (good bacteria) and disinfecting compounds. I cannot prove this for the reason medical science, over 100 years of it, won’t document the research into the contents secreted by the appendix. Yet, they can tell you what an electron microscope reveals about the nucleus of the atom, the cell, and the chemistry of a gnat.. including the map of the entire human genome. But, they cannot explain why a biopsy analysis of the appendix is unavailable. Go figure. They just don’t want you to ask questions.

Appendicitis is the result of deposits of sediment which could be a number of things, fecal matter being one of course, but also an infestation and nesting of parasites in the area. These ‘items’ back against or into the appendix opening which begins as an inflammation. We’ve heard too often what happens when the gland bursts.

The mal bacteria multiplies causing irritation to the gland and in most cases, closes the duct that opens into the large intestine. When there is a blockage, the appendix can inflame to the point that it bursts in which the doctor will instal the infamous fear factor to the patient. The recourse is to surgically remove the appendix. But when the doctor makes the claim that the patient is not to worry for one month prior to a scheduled surgery, then there must be a problem with logic. The patient agrees without any knowledge as to what the purpose of the appendix is and why it is infected.


Your drain pipe

Think of this set-up as the plumbing under the sink. There is a pipe going downward to that u-turn, up and then through the wall. The pocket as I call it is the same under the ileocecal valve. The anti-bacterial and disinfectant compounds drop by gravity into the pocket. It flushes out normally when liquid food pours into the large intestine in which the sediment is pushed upward making its way through five feet of colon ‘piping’ where the liquid nutrients are absorbed.

When there is a poor condition along the length of the colon, the unabsorbed food remains behind the ‘pile up’ causing a ‘freeway’ slowdown where a ‘traffic jam’ occurs. When this happens, the liquid coming from the iliocecal valve cannot swirl that sediment from the pocket. The result is appendicitis because the gland becomes so exhausted with over secreting its antiseptic agents that it no longer functions, loses it’s health, and then needs to be removed. Unless you flush the system out using a series of colon hydrotherapies to remove everything, this gland cannot rebound in time if so infected.


How do I unblock my appendix?

Iridology.. let’s look at the iris

You may even seek the advice or treatment from an acupuncturist to stimulate the appendix points on the ear, foot, and on the body.A nutritionist can advise as to what herbs are essential for evacuating unwanted parasites and worms from the intestinal tract. Pumpkin seeds and walnut husk are used to help with the removal of these organisms.

Herbs and natural approach using colonic cleansing and a healthy diet. You can also stimulate the appendix using pressure points at the ears and the right foot.

You can easily tell if when there is an impaction of the intestinal tract, in particular the large intestine, or colon, by the darkened ring around the pupil of the eye. A blue eye that has a brown ring as shown in this picture is a perfect example. You can test this if you happen to have a similar appearance by conducting a self-test. Change your diet to a healthy one, get a treatment professionaly or a self colon hydrotherapy using the enema technique, and see if the area clears revealing the original blue that you had when as a child. The proof is in the pudding (action).

Foot reflexology

“Appendicitis is an accumulation of the physical energies of dampness, heat, and toxicity. You may visualize a stagnant swamp to get the idea. This condition plus fecal matter accumulates in the large intestine to produce the inflammatory western medicine recognizes as appendicitis. Actually this can be referred to as “traveling abdominal pain”. Acupuncture and herbs are used to eliminate the presence of this damp heat pathogen in the intestines. It helps restore “chi”. It is vitally important to consider weather and climatic patterns throughout the day. For instance, the late summer is a time of “damp heat” climatically, it is not unusual to note “damp heat” pathologies in clinics and hospitals.” – Xiou

When we look at the map of our digestive tract which is mapped out on the iris, your appendix is located just underneath the pupil area. If there is a blemish or a black spot, then you have self diagnosed yourself with an inflamed appendix. Further validation of the small and large intestine should confirm the diagnosis, however, it should not be a green light that you ‘must’ undergo a removal of this organ/gland. A seven to ten day fast as well as a thorough cleansing of the digestive tract while feeding yourself with better meal choices should result with a healed appendix in a couple of weeks at the most. The blemish on the iris fades and in a short span of time disappears.

You can massage a specific area of the ear and foot


  1. What i don’t understood is if truth be told how you’re not actually much more well-preferred
    than you may be now. You’re so intelligent. You realize thus significantly in the case of this matter, produced me individually believe it from a lot of numerous angles. Its like women and men are not fascinated until it’s something to accomplish with Lady gaga!
    Your personal stuffs outstanding. At all times care for it up!

    • realnuz said:

      If I’m reading your comment correctly, you’re questioning why it is that I’m not as popular as Kevin Trudeau, Dr. OZ, Dr. Mercola, Edgar Cayce, Andrew Weil, and whoever else it is that made their millions. The answer is simple.. I go by the Hippocratic oath as honestly as I possibly can. It means I put out this information freely, at no charge, and for the reason I’m interested in people’s health and well being. I don’t follow rules, obey orders, indoctrinate myself into any educational setting or forum, or anything that takes me from the light. I don’t even push my book. I do this because I seek people like perhaps yourself who don’t rely on popularity of those who seem credible based on their ‘greatness’, business sense, and ability to showboat their wares. Only here at veritascures will you find the truth as best I can find it, figure out what hasn’t been figured out, and bring rediscovered secrets that have been hidden from us all these centuries. I learn too which means I’m afraid of being attacked by those who suppress the knowledge seekers and information carriers. I don’t know how else to explain it! I simply go by the Pathagorean philosophy in which the Hippocratic statements and the oath I took of which I think of daily.. I never forget my roots. A medical practitioner as well as those I mentioned above who are researchers never independently took that oath. When I came across the full version that had been word for word interpreted by someone in the 40’s, I was then sold on keeping idle about quick rich schemes and so forth. therefore, I only ask that you bring to me questions and areas to research so that I can provide more answers to otherwise elusive medical and health mysteries! If you really want to know what I’m about, visit Dismantle The Beam Project.

      • Daniel S said:

        I’m currently in the hospital right now with appendicitis. 4 days ago I was in excruciating pain with a fever at home. The next morning better..morning after that, even better. Still double checked with a doc. He suggested I go to emerge. Doctors confirm I have appendicitis and want to do surgery. I’m not convinced. I love this post and my gut even prior to reading this suggested an alternative way out. A better way out. My question you have a specific plan including diet/supplements after the antibiotics they currently have me on?

      • realnuz said:

        Dan, I can only get into trouble telling you what to do. If your doctors didn’t give you a complete enema/colon hydrotherapy, well that’s your answer… they want your money for an operation. What they gave you was anti-bacterials to not treat the problem, but ease the problem only at the appendix and not the source which is 5 feet into your large intestine. It may mean that you have parasites there in the pocket. Look at the picture on my article to see where they would be just under the appendix. Walnut husks or pumpkin seeds (talk to your natural health food store expert) is a natural way to vacate these parasites that may be aggravating the appendix.

  2. Dan S said:

    Thanks yet again for your reply. It’s greatly appreciated. I’m in this pretty alone and I’m really glad you’re taking the time to respond. It’s been 5 and half days now and I haven’t eaten. I’m almost nervous to start. Pretty lost at this point as I see lots of recommendation but nothing I can actually digest. Everything causes gas which caused my appendicitis. I keep reading to start a liquid diet consisting of mainly broths to start. I found this link and I think it’s a good read and you may find it interesting. If you could check it out and see what your thoughts are, I’d definitely appreciate it:

    One other thing, I’ve called 2 different centers regarding colonics because I definitely want to do them. The only thing is, they both suggested want to wait a couple weeks because they are concerned the appendix may still be inflamed and could potentially burst. I’m not totally sure what to do.

    I’m going to give you my number if you ever have a spare minute to call me. I know somebody like you would be in high demand, but if you have 5 minutes, it would mean the world to me. (519) 701-2776

    If not, totally understandable. Email is just fine as well! I just have so many questions.

    Thanks so much,


    • realnuz said:

      Dan, the red flag for a colonic center to tell you to not do a colon flush and “wait it out”. It’s an obvious way for two things 1). Not be responsible for you for fear of lawsuit and 2) create a patient once the appendix bursts. That article’s primary function is to show that the only way to fix the problem is by disinfecting the source of the infection, which is toxicity in the colon. I’m not saying anything more other than what you need to do… follow your intuition and do the right thing. You did a fast. Perhaps it wasn’t long enough if the problem persists. Fasts should be done in 7 day increments. 7, 14, 21, and 28. You only needed a 7 day fast and if it didn’t do the trick, do it again but this time only drink quality vegetable juices with almost no fruit. I little is okay, but mostly vegetables to clean out what’s sticking somewhere in the colon. Go to it my friend and really get this job done! You have nothing to lose but your advisers who want money and not your well being. In the time it takes to schedule an apendectomy, maybe two weeks, you can certainly try to cleanse your body so that a healing takes place. You may also have a liver toxicity which is manifesting in the digestive tract. Go online to find a liver and gall bladder flush protocol. It’s usually 6oz of virgin olive oil and 6oz of lemon juice just before retiring for bed. You poop out the toxins in the morning. Or, you have a low hydrochloric acid condition in your stomach. Ask your doctor to test the acidity of your stomach to see if your failing the beginning of the digestive process there. I feel this is serious, Dan… if you’re willing to change your diet, will you listen?

  3. Dan S said:

    Appreciate your quick replies. I’ve been fasting now for 6 days. Just water. Tried a couple different mineral/veggie drinks and my body instantly refused them and came out the other end.

    I’ve never had any health concerns other than my digestion. No surgeries, nothing. I used to have a TERRIBLE lifestyle which is what I think brought me to this. Smoked a pack a day for 10 years (2 years smoke-free now), had fast food literally every day 3x a day. Drank like crazy. A past Antibiotics course I believe led me to an overgrowth of candida. My back and stomach is flooded with yeast lesions.

    Used to have no problem eating anything but now dairy, gluten, nuts, and several veggies like avocado cause problems. Mainly gas or instant vanishing act lol.

    When do I start eating and what? Also, by your last email it sounded like I should just do the colonic asap?

    Thanks again,

    • realnuz said:

      wordpress suspended me by accident for all this time. I am terribly sorry for not getting back as you had thought I would. anyhow, Dan, to help you I would need to know more about you. Avocados are fruits, but they do a good job faking as a veggie, no? lol. Okay, it almost sounds like a gall bladder mal function in which fats aren’t being digested. Why? Because it could be blocked with gall stones. So, try a liver and gall bladder flush first and then get back to me if you don’t have results eating those things as you once used to.

  4. Lucy said:

    Wow! About 2 hours ago I was hot with absolutely crippling pain where my appendix is, I couldn’t stand, couldn’t take a breath without almost passing out, the pain also radiated into my right thigh to the knee. It was unrelenting for about 25 mins, at which point I was about to call an ambulance when all of a sudden it stopped. Having just read your article above I’ve gone to the mirror and sure enough, I can see the black spots as per your photo. Should I be concerned about rupture? Will try and see a naturopath/herbalist tomorrow, what should I ask for? Great article by the way, will definitely be sharing 🙂

    • realnuz said:

      Hi, if the pain went away instantly it may mean that the appendix released some blockage in which the pressure on the nerves were releived. If the gland ruptured then some of the infected ‘soup’ is floating in your system and you must take antibiotics. If not, then you run the risk of toxic shock and become extremely ill. The appendix isn’t dying, however, but it is in a precarious way that needs special attention. My suggestion is to immediately empty your colon using hydrotherapy or at least find yourself at a health store making a purchase of a colon cleansing product. A hydrotherapy session is really the only way to cleanse the deepest area of the colon where the appendix is. I’d like to know how this all turns out. In this case, it is wise to seek the help of a professional. If you take colloidal silver and consume natural sea salt on top of the antibiotics, you may heal. I see that you are ahead time wise and may be living in Europe and that this happened today? As you get better, you’ll find that the black spots on the iris that indicate the appendix as well as the brown ring around the pupil will begin to fade in which the natural appearance of the iris be restored. You may take pictures using the macro setting of a digital camera and attach them to an email so that I can see your system. I wish you well.

  5. melissa koski said:

    the hippocratic oath is not making your oath to yahweh its making it to three other deities, i’m not impressed, of course I have not yet desided if the books of solomen are all bad. yahwah did give them to solomon so there must be speicial ones allowed to use them.

    • realnuz said:

      Metal, what the heck was that? What you wrote made zero sense regarding the understanding of what the function of the appendix is and how to address the issue of ill health when it’s involved. Pathagorus would go cross eyed at you making this out to be a Jesus Christ or what ever placard you place on the guy. I’m not impressed with your unimpressiveness for the reason you’re either sick and can’t work your way out of it, or just an oblivious soap box preacher.

  6. Dillon said:

    Fantastic post. Thank you for taking the time to write and post this information.

  7. Issac said:

    Ive looked under my pupil and I have not found any dark ring or black spot but I have brown eyes and not sure if I can detect appedixitis this way but I guess the real question is can I really detect appendixitis this way? Sorry for the incorrect spelling

    • realnuz said:

      If you have an abrupt condition, then you may not see an easily detectable blemish or spot. If the condition is ongoing, then the mark on the “map” of the eye would manifest. I suggest that you take your digital camera or phone and snap a few clear images of both your eyes. Hold your eyelids away so that I can see. Send them to my email on the article or and let’s find out about your system. It’s more important to cleanse your colon so as not to allow the appendix more agitation. Talk to the folks at the health stores to see what herbal teas would satisfy your aim to gain your health back and relax.. it’ll work itself out if you trust you’ll heal. Our emotions usually get in the way. Meanwhile, I’ll take a look at what you send to me.. hang tight Issac! Help is on the way. Oh, if you feel you have parasites, they would occur near the IC valve where the appendix is located. Pumpkin seeds or black walnut husk helps to get those critters out.

  8. Momo said:

    I had my appendix removed 6 weeks ago and now have in the past 2 weeks developed some pain in the area where the appendix was. It is sharp, intermittent, almost cramp-like. My bm are pretty regular, so I don’t think I’m constipated (which is what the surgeon suggested when I saw her for follow up). Could this potentially be from a blockage that caused my appendicitis in the first place? I’m exclusively breastfeeding a 7 month old, so some treatments and remedies could be too drastic for me.

    Your information is fascinating. I plan to provide my surgeon with some information to refute her claim that the appendix is unessesary. I even questioned her about it being for providing bacteria to the intestine, and she said no! She either doesn’t know, or was lying. Either way it is irresponsible for a dr to provide this false information when the truth is so easily obtained by even myself!

    • realnuz said:

      My recommendation, Momo, is to let this go regarding your medical practitioner for the reason that they are specifically not trained to know exactly how the body functions. They can turn on you… or me. The reason is so that they do wreak havoc using mad medicine practices while being protected by our federal government to conduct that business of dis and misinformation. It is a true revenue generating scam. A mammogram, for instance is a vice grip ‘work bench tool’ designed to crush polyps and tumors within the breast tissue and at the lymph node sites in order to spread cancer, not capture an image of it’s presence. It is in the patents clear as a bell. Otherwise, they’d clamp your head and squish it short of crushing your skull to X-Ray your jaws at the dentist/orthodontist, or, split more ribs if you’re X-rayed for fractured or broken ribs, cancer in the chest cavity and so on. The pain you feel is something you may want to take up with a natural healer who may have a sense of what’s happening. It could be scar tissue impinging on internal nerve endings or that maybe, just maybe, you have a pocket full of parasites just below where the appendix is at the bottom most end, beginning really, of the large “Ascending” section of the colon. A sharp pain can mean anything, but usually it is an infection and inflamed tissue nerves. A high white blood cell count may indicate this to be so. I’m not a doctor remember, so I can’t recommend much other than use colloidal silver and use non-processed salt, sea or ancient sea, to help treat over zealous bacterial infections. They went through the belly button I would assume? Do you have a pain that ‘floats’ to there when you feel it? My recommendation for administering to yourself natural anti-biotics, if that’s the case, is because you are breast feeding. You do NOT want to, nor will they allow you, to breast feed while on anti-biotics anyway. But if they allow it, it’s because they are in the business of injuring our newborns upon birth and infants up to 2 years and beyond. You know how it is. It is why they insist on putting anti-biotics in the eyes upon birth when that’s a no-no in my books. Nothing but nature and natural practices is what keeps us in tip top shape:) Go figure why there’s no such thing as an appendix transplant… they just don’t want your colon healthy and is why it’s deemed a redundant organ. The universal creator, God in my world, doesn’t make mistakes. Science does on purpose. Ever think of the word Conscious, conscientious, conscience…? CON-Science. It means anti-science. Science is not creation. What you can do at best is prepare people with information about the removal of the appendix by sharing that cleansing the colon is the first step to healing with the hope their practitioner determines there’s no problem on a follow up exam before the surgery. Lee!

      • Momo said:

        Thanks for your reply!
        I wish I would’ve found this site (or any information about healing appendicitis naturally) before I agreed to the surgery. Everything I read and heard from the drs was so convincingly bent towards surgery. Here the protocol is emergency surgery as soon as it’s detected. So I was pressured to make a decision that day and led to believe I was risking death if I refused (which I did initially then changed my mind because of the pressure)! I was thinking of my children and the hour drive to the nearest hospital…just felt too risky. But, it’s done now, I can’t change it. But a good lesson to trust my gut (litterally!) instinct, which was to hold off and try to reduce the infection naturally. Anyways, now I must deal with the consequences. I will find out blood work and xray results next week so hopefully that’ll give me something to work with, and if not I will definitly see a natural practitioner to look for the cause of this pain. I’m taking olive leaf extract and colloidal silver in the meantime just in case. I’m also doing GAPS diet so I’m already focused on healing my gut and building up good gut flora. Is an enema or colonic advisible with the presence of unexplained pain?

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