Pregnancy nausea exposes the truth about cancer

trophoblast stem cellThere is evidence for naturally induced cleansing and it is hidden with the truth about cancer. Cancer, it seems, is an important regenerative tissueI’m exposing the hCG Diet, a series of hormone injections that all the uproar about causes cancer. The Trophoblastic explanation of cancer, however tells you the opposite of what the industry does. If you understand how the bio-chemical reactions of the various hormones work, then the one called hCG will show that it protects the cancer cell from being destroyed. It will also explain why the diet is recommended for two months.

Upon pregnancy, and among half of all expecting mothers, a condition experienced as nausea with an aversion to eating food prevails without an honest biochemical appraisal by the scientific and medical community. Some women enter into involuntary, and in some cases, long periods of fasting due to its intensity. An extreme case of morning sickness is known as Hyperemesis gravidarum nausea which may require hospitalization.

Why is nausea taking place?

Editor’s note: This article provides an explanation when there is none from those who should know of the absolutes on the ‘cancer question’. It is fundamentally the most important and should be considered your spring board into understanding the why of it (cancer) all. It has gone uncontested by the hCG institute and the American Cancer Society.

There are no definitive reasons, only speculation of and by medicine. Albeit, there is an answer and it is concealed so as not to reveal that the relationship is a circumstantial safeguard to conduct the business of manufacturing pregnancy cells and creating reconstructive cells. This support mechanism under normal conditions does not consume life. A revenue generating empire as epic as cancer would crumble overnight if this fact be known. My theory suggests that a nauseated reaction actually supports the rapid growth of this cell until another mechanism halts cellular proliferation.

“Assumed authoritarians derive their information ‘wikipedia’ style the same as you do.  It is equivalent to your medical doctor having been trained by a Merck drug sales person as to what chemical and of what dosage you are to take.  You might as well stop a pharmaceutical sales rep and ask for a free diagnosis than pay your doctor.” – Author

An understanding of how a cancer cell facilitates embryonic life and the general healing process is explained by the role of morning sickness during the first months of pregnancy. The Trophoblastic thesis of cancer which can be found in my book “High Frequency Health” on (p.175) showing pre-embryonic cells to be indistinguishable from cancer. It demonstrates an entirely polar opposite account of popular belief.

For reasons provided by nature, a systemic detoxification of the body is taking place. This is not theoretical. Periods of fasting is nature’s way animals and humans detoxify. It would seem logical that a condition of cleansing is set into motion in an effort to establish a safe haven for embryonic survival.

Pregnancy is a ‘clean room’ process

(from article) Dr. Oz asked Dr Sheri Emma if she thinks there could be a link between Cancer and the HCG Diet. She said that “if someone has a pre-existing cancer that is hormone reactive, then she does not recommend the HCG Diet, but up until now nobody has been able to prove that hCG causes any form of cancer.”

Logically, nature fool-proofs the experience when gestating a life form, but nausea is thought to be a “kink in the system.” The real logic begins with the understanding that the cancer cell, or trophoblast, is in fact indistinguishable from a pre-embryonic cell. Trophoblast must express itself into the specific types of tissue to multiply and grow swiftly in order to, in the case of pregnancy, establish a fully formed transit system for nutrients between the embryo and mother by building tissue. These transit tissues – the umbilical cord and placenta – are cancer cells expressed as embryonic stem cells. Important then are trophoblast cells because they contain the entire DNA genetic map for recreating any cell in the body when surrounding cells contribute their signals.

Wow, so stem cells are cancer cells after all

The research on cancer reaches back to 1902, however, Kevin Trudeau presents full disclosure about the cancer industry and its deception with the inference that he is decisively correct on matters about hCG and promotes this hormone as a diet treatment. He neglects telling the reader that human chorionic gonadotropin’s job is in protecting the cancer cell from enzymatic and hydrogen cyanide interference. He would have to understand pregnancy trophoblast in the trophoblastic thesis of cancer, but sadly, does not.

Why am I nauseatedWhen there is a deficit of cancer controlling compounds entering the mother’s body due to nausea the embryo and placenta naturally form unabated. Yet, terms describing phytonutrients are unfortunately stigmatized when labeled by scientists as “plant poisons”.

“Poison”, then, is attributed to first trimester nausea and the reason for the irritating side-effects. this is perceived as serving a detrimental purpose for health. As it turns out, this misrepresentation and confusion continues to pour out from medical literature. The poisons are in fact cancer’s nemesis. Therefore, controlling compounds that limit cancer growth normally present in the food must be kept out of the diet. Remembering that the regenerative cells are cancer and one in the same as the umbilical cord/placenta, Nature encourages mothers not to eat to allow the placenta (cancer is the stem cell) to grow rapidly.


How could a mother otherwise instinctively know to avoid cancer suppressing foods?

The hCG Diet

The enzyme amylase present in plant food is depleted during the first trimester and when supplemental amylase is given, the effects of nausea is minimized. This additional fact supports how the embryonic tissue is allowed to grow.

Modern medical research has also shown that these trophoblast cells secrete a hormone called human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG) for 2 months. HCG’s function is to coat the trophoblast cells to insure its development and protect the cell from our immune system, but it is not entirely safe from hydrogen cyanides in plants that make up the the phytonutrient pool. Incidentally, because pH tests acidic during pregnancy indicates additional proof that the body prepares for an environment that cancer enjoys.

Medics are largely unaware of this connection

We find that the chief enzyme, trypsin, and any of 14 types of the hydrocyanides, when hydrolyzed by the enzyme beta-glucosidase, demonstrates the trophoblastic thesis and the reason for a subsequent shift to a normal appetite. Nausea subsides when trypsin is finally secreted by the newly developed embryonic pancreas and hCG levels off and by trimester’s end, amylase is reintroduced. The embryo at this point has transitioned to the fetal phase.

As a result, we all have become satisfied with simply not knowing for certain.. because they aren’t. This ignorance paves the way for industry to easily place blame on the plant phytonutrients as the cause of the phenomenon. It also helps to place diet products like hCG on the market as a diversion when a patient asks the intelligent request for truth, “is nausea normal, and why doesn’t my body let me eat healthy food?” Medicine’s answer, “because there are poisons in your healthy food”.

A dietary fast induced by the sensation of nausea, therefore, explains how the specialized cells are allowed to proliferate and the host detoxified. By two months, the maturing baby has supplied a flood of pancreatic enzymes when transferring control of cancer growth over to the mother. This initiates her need to eat nitrilosides… the vitamin B17 rich foods. For if by then, and as much as up to the twelfth week of gestation, the mother is completely cleansed and ready to receive the foods that keeps cancer under control. It is now clear that hydrogen cyanide, a plant poison and poisonous primarily to cancer, is a phytonutrient that human beings evolved with since the very beginning.

As a precaution, it is wise to live in an environment that is not recently renovated, or built, because of the fumes that leach out from carpet adhesives, newly painted interior and exterior walls, etc.


Additional information

On page 104 in his book The Weight Loss Cure They Don’t Want you to Know About, Kevin Trudeau claims that certain people he’s inquired with do not present adequate proof that counters the safety of this hormone driven diet. The author writes that he communicated with “skeptics and naysayers” claiming that the Simeons method is dangerous and that they, nor government agencies contacted, provided Mr. Trudeau with evidence to back their claim. He insists the FDA does not want the public to know the truth about obesity cure using hCG. The reality is, cancer is an industry that feeds off the revenue generated by new cancer patients – they caution against dangers linked to cancer, but do not remove the product from the market.

The FDA and medical community will not present information that would explain how hCG protects cancer cells.. If they were to provide Kevin Trudeau with the facts about hCG, they would have to expose and invariably destroy the cancer industry.  Dr. Daniel Belluscio
, director of the hCG Research Center (Bellevue Klinik- Switzerland) states that after years of study, he has concluded that the effectiveness of hCG for the treatment of obesity has not been assessed fully. He has received arguments from physicians and RNs that hCG should not be used to treat obesity because of its side effects including cancer.

Yet, Belluscio defends hCG with the argument that women have extremely high levels of hCG. What he fails to add is that there is a precise time when hCG levels drop so as to inhibit cancer growth at 8 weeks when the fetus dumps the pancreatic load of the cancer controlling enzyme, trypsin, marking the 2nd trimester of pregnancy. This is the process that stops placental growth or any regenerative cell when the body is under repair.

Q:  “Do you believe in the Cayce treatments of not?  Of course, how would you even know to judge if you’ve already made up mind.  First open heart and mind.”

A:  All of Cayce’s findings have been talked about and discussed at great length. I studied the work of John Beard, a lecturer in embryology at the University of Edinburgh, who first published on the trophoblastic thesis of cancer published in June, 1902.  Dr. Nicolas Gonzales, who I met after we both appeared on a major health and wellness radio program, talked about the thesis to which I found, and he understood, I knew more than he did for the reason I developed the rationale as to what cancer really and truly is. It’s something nobody else has ever done. I can explain pregnancy nausea with definition that explains exactly why that condition occurs and it’s because I have the fullest understanding of what cancer actually is. Gonzales was floored, I was thanked by him, and I moved on. about Cayce… he’s simply another person who talks about curing the problems caused by over proliferation of trophoblast you call cancer. And that’s it. It’s not a matter of me believing him. It’s a matter of me understanding the nature of the topic that’s being discussed more than anyone including Edgar Cayce. You just think of me as a person in Tucson, but I’m way beyond that and highly suppressed for the simple reason, nobody has any reference to go on but mine. The buck stopped with me. You’re still following dead people. Talking to Edgar would serve no purpose other than to argue with the aliens that channeled clipped and censored intel to him.


    • realnuz said:

      Thank you for the questions. Honestly, I was not aware of the RH negative incompatibility between fetus and mother concerning blood protein differences. This intrigues me. The answer I have now and merely an opinion is as simple as making an analogy to the fever. When a fever is suppressed, the microorganism that is toxic is not killed off. People who take medicine to lower body temperature actually suffer with the flu for three days or more longer than it should take because the side effect, which is uncomfortable but beneficial, is medicated allowing the infection to persist. I don’t know what to say about the RhoGAM injection other than to suggest that while it makes someone more comfortable, it may injure the fetus in some way. I can’t say for sure and only say this out of a layman’s opinion until I study it. Please accept my apology on that. Fish should be eaten in the evening if it is something you’d like to eat, but can’t. Not during the morning or afternoon. Milk in it’s healthy form is unpasteurized and unhomogenized. Processed milk is actually classified as a toxin, but grandfathered in as a food product in it’s adulterated form from processing. If you try drinking fresh milk from a goat or a cow, chances are you won’t have the reaction. To know, you have to test it. It won’t kill you if it’s fresh:) The store bought milk causes gastro intestinal problems, a build up of flem, and pimples or skin eruptions. What I feel is that your body has a defense against mal formed food such as GMO, and excitotoxins including MSG, Aapertame, and the rest. This is good so that you know to avoid them when a reaction results. Most people acclimate to these false foods therefore suffering disease throughout life.

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