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“Food is thy medical practitioner”




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“When people realEYES that the abundance on earth is free to all, then they will have no need for means of exchange… it will be irrelevant  and obsolete.”

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NEW  There is a cure for Hillary’s condition

In natural healing and among the elite of the healers, there is treatment for each and every ailment, disease, condition, and so on in which the medical establishment vehemently opposes.  They do this with imprisonment or impose illegal deaths to anyone living in the United States.  And, they’ll hunt healers down in other countries.  In Hillary’s case, there is a 100 percent solution for Vascular Dementia and the peripheral conditions that exist with the primary diagnosis.



Topical Brandy treatment for tummyitis

Stomach-Ache-and-Cramps and brandy

Using the method of setting Brandy to the naval is a folk remedy that works provided real Brandy alcohol, not rubbing alcohol is used.  The method helps to relax the entire body putting pain into submission.   This method is very effective for flu symptoms, colds or sore muscles which includes the condition of menstrual cramping and is an alternative to using over the counter medications.


UofVC Health Class HBP101

HBPfor dummies bannar

Natural high blood pressure treatment articles and books, videos and seminars, are the most sought after information sources for people researching their way around medical madness.  Volumes of material on High Blood Pressure alone can fill a library.  “1001 ways to naturally relieve HBP!” internet posts abound.  The sad fact is that none that I have come across hit the mark.  In fact, there is absolutely nothing available on the internet or on bookstore shelves contain in one place a true solution for high blood pressure issues.  There is only one way to do it.  Educate yourself as to exactly why the heart gets pissed off!


Discussing remedies for Brown Recluse spider bites


While texting to my friend Vicky LeBaron, the conversation lead to her solution to healing the bite of a Brown Recluse Spider.  During the conversation, I brought Greg Caton of Alpha Omega Labs in with a question as to his opinion as to what to do.  As a result, the most interesting remedy was revealed.


Eye kinesiology to cure your allergy

dog rubbing eyes

How can rubbing your eyes to the left cure an allergy?  In the world of kinesiology, practically anything a body does is recorded in which a particular movement (which is where kinetic in the word kinesiology comes from) activates a memory of the body/brain as a re-connection.  Here, we use eye movement, an antihistimine, the allergen, and a little wachy stunt to engage the body’s immune system back on track as it was before we suffered our life long battle with that seasonal sniffle… or perpetual itchy scratchy sneezy yucky feeling with our pets.


Dietary fat bred out of the avocado.. where’s the vitamin E?

avocado fetus

An old article never transferred to veritascures now lives here.  This is my flag ship story I tell everyone I meet, the same people I know, and I get very redundant.  The story of the breeding out of our precious dietary fat is what has down graded our health and actually helped to create a heavy set society.  You see, natural fat doesn’t put weight on you, but removes white adipose away from your waistline all night long and “just like that!”


Bi magnetic Pair Therapy Cures AIDS

Male anatomy of human organs in x-ray view

Learn how Thymus-rectal Biomagnetic Pair treatment was discovered as the 100 percent cure for an individual diagnosed by western medical experts with incurable full blown AIDS. 



Can EFT Tapping be reduced to a single tap?

eft child

EFT stands for emotional freedom technique.  In its various forms, most identify it as “Tapping” various areas of the skull, clavicle, and hand.  Until now, it has been unknown why this affirmation technique restores the psyche to a state before one had become neurotic, riddled with fear, or paralyzed to partake in actions that were once routine.  First arrivals to the concept of healing through finger tapping on the cheek bones, chin, eye brows and top of the head, it seems rather silly until it works for them, and they believe it works.  It happened for me which is why I have studied this phenomena to the point I have found the answer as to why and how it works.


Why does chicken soup act as a cold medicine?

It is a known fact that chicken soup helps with cold symptoms with particular attention to the soar throat.  Ask anyone and they’ll say this is true.  But, the question asked is never answered as to why.  The answer is embedded in the Doctrine of Signatures and I’ll explain the relationship.


Easily test if your extra virgin olive oil is authentic!


Is the olive oil you believe to be as genuine as the label says?  You can test the quality of the oil using simple methods.  Did you know that most olive bars in the supermarkets including upscaled bathe their olives in canola or soy oil?  Whatever they’re using isn’t what you went to the olive bar for… it’s olive oil that should be the bath water.


Caduceus = Transhumanism

Note: This article leans heavily toward the conspiracy theories


The winged symbol is found on most every marketed product worldwide.  It is found in government, the military, and as logos on the cars we drive.  It’s also found to represent medicine.  Like the 5 pointed star, so too is the symbol of the wings.  How then has it come to represent the human genome project related to sexual reproduction?  We turn to the phrase most everyone knows as a person, a women in particular, with legs spread apart.

Erase overwhelming thoughts easily

emf hand chart

The left hand is negatively charged and the forehead is positive.  In most cases, you’ll notice that when you are in the midst of something you feel ridiculous, bizarre, or having a storm of unsettling thoughts, it’s your left hand that you use against your forehead in a side to side movement.  Either the hand is still and you nod your head back and forth, both your hand and head in opposing motion, or your head is still with your fingers massaging the skin.


I contracted the West Nile Virus!


It was not an evening encounter with mosquitoes for me.  I had been sleeping outside every day throughout the summer.  The swarms of mosquitoes were common place in which I wasn’t bothered by them.. actually, it was the gnats that did.  I must have been ravaged countless hundreds of times.  The thought that I had West Nile did cross my mind, however, I did the natural thing by going into denial.  Nobody wants to think they’re infected by a virus and to me, it was like announcing that I had HIV.

High metabolism is a myth


It happens to be the length of your intestinal tract that predicates your weight.  It is determined easily by a ratio of the angle of your rib cage at the sternum.  There is a formula in which the angle of the rib cage to the sternum reflects how long the intestinal tract is.  On average, the small intestines are 20 feet in length with a 5 foot large intestine making a total length of 25 feet.

Dr. Sheldon Deal NDD, Tucson, Arizona, first observed the relationship between the overall length of the small and large intestines to the angle of the rib cage up to the sternum.  An acute angle corresponded with as much as five feet shorter than average length for a thin person, ectomorph, and as much as five extra feet for a wide angle rib cage of an endomorphic formed body.

Do you know what Gluten really is?


Ask food specialists in mainstream and even the natural world of health and nutrition if they know what gluten really is.  Few if anyone has the answer.  Ask why an edible plant such as wheat manufactures something toxic to humans and what happens is, “I don’t know.  I don’t think anyone does, really”:  Allow me to explain what GLUTEN is and how to overcome your fear as to what to believe on food labels.   All GMO products from agriculture create side effects in humans.  It is important to know that partly why food is modified is to resist the toxins that are fed to and sprayed on growing edible food.  We “become” what we eat.

Trauma to wisdom teeth causes heart disease and even attacks

Fun tooth

By no accident the ancient understanding of the human anatomy is understood in which the connection between each of the four molars and each quadrant and four chambers of the heart is directly associated with the wisdom teeth.  When a long term problem exists with one or more of the wisdom teeth, a problem manifests in the small intestinal tract, middle ear, and with respect to this article, the heart.  When surgery to extract the molars triggers a heart attack after the surgery is performed, blame cannot not be exclusively attached to the method of chemically induced sleep as a result of assumed negligence on the part of the anesthesiologist.

Prickly Ash for Senility did work

Mr Holems finding prickly ash 2

In the film, Sherlock Holmes admits that the healing effect of both royal jelly harvested from his bee hives and the prickly ash he brings back from Japan did not work.  He attributes the restoration of his short term memory loss as well as the memory of his last case to the house keeper’s son, Roger, who helps Holmes invigorate his memory.  In the final scenes, Sherlock Holmes memory block is unlocked as he vividly remembers the circumstances of the case therefore finishing his memoir in the form of a story.

Autism is 100 Percent Reversible

CDAutism book cover crop

Healing the Symptoms Known as Autism SECOND EDITION  Activist for health, Kerri Rivera administered chlorine dioxide for her ten year old son who suffered from autism due to vaccinations.  At the time, the intent was to clear up another matter, but the result was that the child began to show signs of recovery over a short period of time.  Now, subjects suffering from autism around the world who are aware of the protocol are benefiting from their original mental and physical condition using chlorine dioxide.  As a result of the interview, the realization that vitamin B deficiency, in particular niacin, can be addressed using chlorine dioxide to effectively treat schizophrenia.  cdautism.org

Why do some people waddle side to side?

Giraffe-Couple just legs

It’s the length of the legs moving the center of gravity upward.  The shorter the legs even though a body’s center of gravity is lower to the ground which makes for a seemingly more stable disposition, the more sideways sway occurs.  The longer a person’s legs, the smoother that person moves without any waddle with exception to hip movement.   This explains why a midget or dwarf having unusually short limbs and even a fitting weight has a natural eccentric waddle.

 Can smoking tobacco stop a heart attack?


Smoking a cigarette works to stimulate flatulence as well as a bowel movement, but it’s best to chew on a fresh leaf instead!  The work around to inhaling tobacco smoke is to grow a tobacco plant for its leaves.  When one experiences painful gas that is difficult to expel, simply chew on a fresh leaf.


Sure fire natural way to stop diarrhea


If you’re not a 100% vegetarian, perhaps a remedy from our animal mammal friends might help.   What is it in dairy milk that helps to reverse the condition of diarrhea?  A minute amount of a morphine like compound which keeps a baby (a calf or a kid) slightly dependent on mommy!  This is why we have neuro-receptors for the related botanical which yield opium.  In small quantities, it has a healthy effect only if the dairy is not processed.  In the concentrated form, highly addictive and detrimental to health.  It is also what causes constipation.  A natural intake, however, produces a healthy bowel movement.

A new method to improve your vision

Debbie eye rolling

Macular therapy can be potentiated with a simple practice of stimulating the orbit of the eye.  The eye socket when properly massaged by an object representing the shape and size of the eyeball will help in a very unique way.  This therapy ‘instructs’ the eye to reshape itself by conforming closer to the spherical shape of the therapeutic instrument, which happens to be something the size of a golf ball.  This is when nature in all it’s simplicity steps in when modern medicine can’t come close.  Who needs surgery when golfing is easy?

Nurse the colon first before using your cancer cure


The treatment for healing the inner lining of the large intestine comes from tree bark. The ‘magic skin tree’, Tepezcohuite (Mimosa Tenuiflora) is a thorny tree with a wide distribution, but it is only in very localized areas of Chiapas, Mexico that it yields its ultimate potential.  It is known for its 24 hour healing of severe burns, cuts and abrasions, anti fungal, bacterial, and an anti viral agent  To treat the colon for any reason, one must completely heal the area of concern.  This is where the compound in Tepezcohuite comes in to save the day.

Protect your home from Cell Tower Masts!


How do you create a Faraday cage out of your house to keep you protected from the toxic electromagnetic mind controlling frequency broadcaster towers that pose as cell towers?  How about those smart meters?  It’s the quartz glued to the paper that does it. You’re literally creating a home made orgone generator” – Dr. Philip Callahan


Cure for Vitiligo – The Michael Jackson Skin Syndrome

Vitilgo face2a

Medicine admits it has no clue what causes Vitiligo, but instead blames it on genetics. Loss of pigmentation has more to do with a simple cell salt deficiency coupled with a neuro network impingement along the spine.  Genetics plays a part in so far Afro Americans express a genetic need for biochemic cell salt balance.  It is not a recessive gene per-se.  Treated with Potassium sulphate (Kali Sulph) a person diagnosed early can arrest and reverse the loss of pigmentation with immediacy.  The fascinating discovery, however, is that there is a  physical reason attached to the cause of Vitiligo.  It happens to be an end tip energy meridian disconnect of the electrical circuit of the body.

Inhale oregano to heal your lungs


The electronic cigarettes may be the natural healer’s new gizmo.  The new e-cigarettes may be an instrument used for something few consider when administering herbs.  Sometimes burning the herb, root, or bark and inhaling the smoke is the trick.  We are all accustomed to brewing herbal teas, but for treating a condition, the protocol may have to involve direct contact with the tissue when the ailment involves the inner lining of the lungs.  It’s common to find South American remedies in which smoking herbs is the administration method of the medicine.

Companion diseases and their emotional traumas


Dana Reeves was traumatized by the spinal cord injury in 1995 to her husband from an equestrian horse accident in which he would die the following morning.  Christopher miraculously survived the first night after the doctors were bluntly honest about his condition and what would most likely happen.  This fear now imprinted in Dana’s mind would cycle every morning for ten years until he finally passed away. Subsequently, Dana died from a strong emotion over a year later.  The cause of death was lung cancer, but she never smoked nor worked around cancerous agents. Why?

Why legs don’t tan

why legs won't tan

I looked everywhere on the net to find anyone with the answer as to why people complain that body parts don’t tan.  There is a logical reason.

Want to know what it is?

Vitamin D is manufactured by ultra violet (UV) sunlight A and B. The precursor is Vitamin D2 that is secreted onto the skin.  Then, when the light converts it into D3, it is absorbed back into the body.  The simple answer as to why body parts like the legs don’t tan on fair skinned people.. women in particular who voice this complaint, is because they vigorously wash the oil right off the legs in bathtubs.


The toroidal field and re-birthing therapy explained

pregnant dual torus text

Separation complex reversed with water re-birthing.  Davida Taurek demonstrates the re-birthing therapy showing precisely how it is done with a subject and surrogate mother.




The curative treatment for all diseases

water therapy image

If modern medicine learns that water re-birthing properly done will completely refresh the brain’s neural network to factory settings and allows an individual to fully heal, they’d fold over night.  At first, I thought I sat on the cure for extreme eating disorders and was anxious to get the method therapy out ASAP, but realized it also the is also a solution for all psychological problems.  I waited.  And then a miracle happened.. I realized that the re-birthing concept  extends far and beyond in all aspects of healing.  The ancient practice of re-birthing, which is not a cure on it’s own, is the EFT therapy first administered that leads to full health recovery using conventional practices already in use today.


Funding Project Graphics

The treatment for all diseases funding project is designed for everyone involved to not only help, but get help, receive incentives for your pledge contribution, and prepare this world for a spiritual revolution separating the innocent from those that have injured the human race.

The funding project is aimed for all people who have searched endlessly for solutions to the perplexing issues regarding health.  If people become aware of their power to heal, then a health revolution will result because you will become a contributing and powerful influence.


A shortcut EFT that syncs the body, mind, and spirit


You know how to tell someone without saying it that they’re “:Cookoo”.  You twirl your finger around your ear.  We all learned how to do that in 1st grade.. perhaps even earlier.  What if encircling your ears with your finger is actually empowering you as an emotional freedom technique that has not been understood, or even known until now?  What if this is actually the way to organize by unifying the electron spin of all the atoms in your ear.. which in auricular medicine and therapy, the ear represents the entire body.  This may very well be the systemic adjunct to the warm water re-birthing technique that heals the whole body from a sickened condition.

Cure for mind control starts with a simple treatment


If a globe full of people under the influence of mind control, even riddled under a sea of psychotropic drugs designed to quell the masses keeping us under the influence, a human rebooting of mind and body could theoretically snap most everyone out of the hypnotic controls they have been conditioned to throughout a life time. That’s 7 billion people. Could it be that this is the key natural approach the secret societies fear most?

The cure for Anorexia Nervosa

Isabelle Carro posing nude2

There is a sure fire method to restoring a person afflicted with the condition to his or her’s original self.  The body and mind must be rebooted using warm water rebirthing therapy.  There needs to occur a jump back in time over two specific traumas when a human being has not yet experienced bodily harm and is forming in the womb.  A pleasant re-experience at birth takes place and the subject can then glide seemlessly through the experiential traumas in an uninjurious way.  It is then that one can properly be therapeutically treated with conventional methods.

Starbucks got bugged, but that bug is loaded with gold!

Starbucks Coffee Company suffered a smear campaign due to their use of the cochineal scale extract for its red coloring in their Strawberry Frappuccino drinks which brought them to a rich vermillion appeal.  Because people have an aversion to the idea of eating insects, this then became very unappealing. Competitors took advantage and most people, even Starbucks employees, would agree that eating bug juice is plain wrong.  But, Starbucks wasn’t careless about the use of the cochineal extract.  Any company could have been badgered if the competitor needed to play hardball.  The public relations negligence occurred because of their ignorance about the power of natural healing, how it works, but especially where it comes from and announce it to the world.  Because they are occultically affiliated they could never tell even if they wanted to.  So, I’ll tell you..

Pregnancy nausea exposes the truth about cancer

The study of hCG hormone used as a weight loss program helped me to uncover the truth about pregnancy nausea and the explanation for what the secrecy behind cancer in fact reveals.  It is the revolutionary, yet most fundamental ideas about the mystery behind the cancer industry.  The article shows the natural mechanics of the first trimester of pregnancy that continues to go unexplained.. until now.


Save your appendix from surgery

Appendix header

The Appendix serves a very special service.  It is designed to disinfect your large intestine.  Science has studied and completely understands both the mechanisms in which the liver secretes interferon and the cleansing function of the appendix for the protection of the colon.  For business reasons, they have ‘played stupid’ and have done so for over half a century.

A treatment for burns that works as fast as Hollywood’s version

Tepez ointment vitamin E

Tepezcohuite comes from what Mexican’s refer to as the ‘Magic Skin Tree’.  The movie Hunger Games which is the first of the franchise movies depicting our soon to be dystopian future ‘tells’ audiences that there is a cure for painful burns.  Int the movie “Hunger Games”, there is a scene where the protagonist is painfully burned to the bone.  To keep the ‘Games’ going in the elite thrill of the virtual gladiatorial pit, they send her a salve that she applies to the wound.  By next morning she is healed.  What I saw was the exact same color and appearance of the natural ointment that comes in the container you see to the left.   This bark extract from the Tepezcohuite tree at the southern tip of Mexico is the only thing on earth that can perform the healing function illustrated in the film.  No synthetic has ever come close.  Neosporin is nothing more than a run of the mill pharmaceutical.

You make abundant interferon that cures Hepatitis C – Here’s how

hep c virus

The Center for Disease Control are targeting Baby Boomers again using Hepatitis C vaccinations.  The elderly are crippled with fear, living problems and financial stress because of their existing medical dilemmas on top of everything else.  This article shows how Interferon is created naturally in the liver to effectively combat liver disease without a chemical or supplement whatsoever.

A Heart attack can be a CO2 poisoning.. here’s the fix

heart on the left

Dr. Norman Walker lived to be over 100 years old published several books that are mainstays of the health and nutrition world.  In one of them, he completely shakes up the American Heart Association with a treatment for heart attacks using foot reflexology.  The heart point on the left foot and under the arch where the transverse colon is located when depressed, will relieve the subject from heart failure.

Reversing Vitiligo.. a British woman wants to restore her original self

Linda with Davida

Advanced Vitiligo conditions include the complete loss of skin pigmentation.  Their first question is, “Can I be restored to having full pigmentation?”.  What they don’t realize is that there’s more to healing than an appearance of the surface.  It is the repairing of the spirit by reversing the emotional pain regardless of the skin condition.  There is a new factor to consider also.  Vitiligo may also be associated with nerve damage to the spinal cord especially upon birth.  If a birthing trauma is known to a Vitiligo sufferer, a pre-treatment for the the condition must be performed when a Vitamin B6 and herbal/cell salt regimen is initiated during treatment to elevate natural melanin production.

Cure for migraine headaches


A headache is often characterized by a disturbance in some other part of the body.  Various places are, for example, the digestive tract, disorders of the stomach, abdominal area and liver; problems with menstrual irregularities if you are a woman,  a concussion, eye strain, fatigue, etc.  The headache is a mechanism which signals a serious problem elsewhere.  The common headache, however, is usually due to improper waste elimination.  Constipation is the biggest culprit.  One can have extremely healthy regimens, but if stress is prevalent, the colon is most effected in which bowel issues arise leading to the infamous headache. The worst is the migraine variety.

Dietary Fat Bred Out of Haas Avocados – Now It’s the Reed

There is a particular focus for learning natural philosophy about nature in this article. Any time a food is “steered” by humans to facilitate revenue driven processes results in damage to the nutritive properties of the whole food. Ultra hybridization is a case in point, but there is more to it than the obvious breeding out of the seeds from produce such as with commercial grapes, watermelon, and citrus fruit..

How the Rockefellers blocked the gold CURE for addiction


There was a cure for addiction prior to the Great Depression and Prohibition years. It was a homeopathic treatment that had a documented 94% success in removing the cravings for drugs and alcohol. The dynamics of allopathy under the influence of John D. Rockefeller created an organization that would reject natural remedies that up till now is 77 years old.

This is the story of how the Rockefellers blocked the gold treatment, which is a cure. Otherwise they wouldn’t have done it. They set-up their Temperance Societies flagship pawn, Alcoholics Anonymous, as a corporation run in reverse to conceal the truth.

The Natural Cure For Cataracts


I went out of my way to help someone recover from cataract disease to avoid surgery.  I failed, but I learned a valuable lesson about people.  Cataracts dissolve and are absorbed entirely by the body if a solvent is used.  This solvent is not a petroleum product nor is it some synthetic contrive of Big Chema and Pharma.  That solvent happens come from the medicine plant known as the Pine tree.  DMSO is frowned upon by the FDA and the medical establishment.. they’d rather you not know DMSO cures cataract disease as well as other macular degenerative conditions of the eye.



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  1. Glenn said:
    • realnuz said:

      It sounds almost like a severe candida albicans condition. Having that causes fatigue and makes you rhummi plus the other few things you’ve described. My suggestion if not done already is to test your pH balance and if it shows up acidic, that’s your answer and where you should begin treatment. The treatment for acidity is simply raising your pH through a high vegetable diet (leafy greens) and stay away from fruit for a week and then pick it up a bit until you’re 7.35. Even if you’re not off that balance, it’s good to have a high vegetable diet anyway and because you’re immune system is low, that really helps. Don’t eat meat for a while.. it won’t kill you for a few weeks until you’re balanced. Vegetable juicing is the natural way to flush out the digestive tract and that’s where an overgrowth of yiest hides out causing all the Candida related side effects you’re experiencing. I can guarantee you if this is the case and that you have a funus, yeast and mold problem due to Candida, then your auto immune issue was mis diagnosed. I sent the B6 Tyrosene suggestion by email. Trust me, you’ll be okay if you follow the directions. Also, I have a hunch you’re drinking soda… am I right? 🙂

  2. Okay Lee, I am beginning to understand better, “who you are” …. Pretty impressive, I must say. Interesting that we have so much in common as to pur interests

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